Thursday, November 6, 2008


One of a group of 10 mostly French hostages seized off Cameroon last week has been killed in a rescue attempt, a militia leader has said.

Militia commander Ebi Dari said the hostage had died during a raid by security forces in the country's Bakassi Peninsula.
Gunmen in speedboats abducted the hostages from an oil vessel.
A group opposing Nigeria's recent secession of Bakassi to Cameroon claimed responsibility.

The group, the Bakassi Freedom Fighters, had threatened to start killing the hostages if Cameroon's government did not talk to them.

There was no immediate official confirmation of the rescue attempt or the hostage killing, and there were conflicting reports about whether the security forces involved were from Cameroon or Nigeria.

There have been a number of attacks over the last year against oil installations in the Gulf of Guinea, where the kidnapping took place.

Attacks on oil installations in Nigeria's nearby Niger Delta have been especially frequent.
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