Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This album will definitely shock you. The fact is, I had such a low expectation of this album because I believe (I mean, used to believe!) that rapping was very complex because it depended hugely on the accent. If the accent was wrong then the whole rapping becomes wrong. Boy was I knocked off my chair!

Bonito, I have to say big up! I loved the album! I loved the tone, I loved the lyrics and I loved the overall arrangement of the music. From track one I started to bop! My fav was definitely track 6 because I loved the music arrangement and the beat was perfect. I was so busy bopping that I did not even pay attention to the lyrics!

You can definitely tell Tupac was his inspiration, the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 10th & 14th tracks are reminiscent of this fallen star.

Track 8 pays tribute to his hometown of Rennes - the city that has shown him a lot of support. Track 14 struck me a lot because it was very promotional of human charity and consciousness..

The overall feel of the album is a “good time” album rather than one with a political message. Nevertheless, the album still echoes images of poverty in Africa, the lack of support from his fellow Cameroonians, the difficulty of life and the idea of making it and living out one’s dreams.
Please please please, I am not sure how many times to say this but please do check this guy out! You would be pleasantly surprised!
That's it for me for today! Watch out for the next talent this weekend y'all.
Stay sweet

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