Friday, May 1, 2009


Operation "Push Menoosh" was an idea that was born by Ngum Ngafor (PR Maestro-ess!) to help push our very own soul/jazz diva Ms Menoosha to the top of the Live & Unsigned competition 2009.

With over 10,000 registrations for the second year running, this competition is the biggest of its kind helping to spot original music talents from all over the UK.

With the overall winner of this competition walking away with a Recording & Mangement contract with Future Music and £20,000 to release their first single including professional studio time, promotional campaigns & more, this show is definitely worth fighting tooth & nail for!

Our sister has already gone through the first round and breezed through, now she is one good performance away from making the National finals which will be held at the Portsmouth Guildhall on saturday 27th June 2009...can she do it? YES SHE CAN!!

We are all going to help her MAKE it by voting and supporting her all the way.
In case you are wondering about her talent...check this out!

Check out and join her Facebook group here:
Her website here:
Her Myspace here:

DC will be pining for her all the way....
Check out an interview she gave DC here:
We should be getting her again on DC!!!

Stay sweet

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le blog des blogs! keep bringing the heat.