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From the football field to the catwalk and streets, Cameroon is a legendary trendsetter. DC is proud to introduce a growing circle of established and emerging designers that are cutting it on the style scene.

Before this, see below some ways in which we dress traditionally! (sorry but Camer's web presence is very limited so couldn't find a wider representation!). Nonetheless, please enjoy!

Typical of Manyu (South West Province)

The Bamileke Ndop Cloth (Western / North Western Provinces)

A Bamileke Chief (Western Province)

Fulani Girls (Northern Provinces)

A Fulani Girl (Northern Provinces)


Imane Ayissi was born in Cameroon and arrived France in the 1990’s. This lover of fabrics has tailored himself a strong reputation among the Afro-Caribbean community as a reputable designer. His designs are very varied; they can be fluid and elegant as well as daring and extravagant. Find out more about him on:

Anggy Haif’s talent knows no bounds. This designer, singer, composer and model’s creations blend modern textiles with natural materials, such as raphia, roots, liana, leaves and other gathered items. From eye-popping haute couture pieces to hip and trendy clothing, Haif’s style is as rhythmic as it is classic. Check him out on:

Based in Cannes, Monaco, Olivia Ervi is inspired by the richness of the African cultural inheritance and its endless evolution. Indulge in her sophisticated and elegant creations on:

Based in Brussels, Belgium, Louise Assomo’s designs are fluid, sensual and very feminine. She uses "real" women as her creative inspiration rather than fantasy figures. In her bid to discourage anorexia in young girls, the principled artist makes nothing smaller than a European size 36 (UK size 8 ).


Kibonen Nfi and Anrette Ngafor are the force behind KiRette Couture. Roused by the concept of synergy, the über trendy pair weave traditional and contemporary chic to bring African sexy back to the street and catwalk. Their trademark style is inspired by the "toghu" – a colourful and intricately embroidered robe, typically worn (on special occasions) by the people of their native Western Highlands region. KiRette Couture’s exquisite designs drape clients with class, style and confidence that distinguish them from any crowd. Find out more about and join the “KiRette Couture” Facebook group via:
Watch out for the upcoming website:

Côté Minou: For childhood friends, Stephanie Mouapi and Maryanne, Fashion is art that express one’s personality. To put their continent on the map, the cool duo chose the African fabric as their signature print. Get a feel for their hip style on:
Hippie and French inspired Xaverie Bakheme and her (Nigerian) partner, Lola Adeshigbin created Bot I Lam with one vision in mind: to empower and portray Africa in a positive light. Bot-I-Lam means “beautiful fashion” in Bakheme’s native Bassa language. When you see:, you’ll know what yet the elegant and effortless stylish pair mean.
Frances Ekiko may be a new kid on the block but she fuses African wax prints with leather, linen, chiffon and silk with the savoir-faire of an old hand. Her Ms Mi creations stunningly capture the zeitgeist of the “30s are the new 20s” era. The Ms Mi woman is not afraid to exude her sex appeal or set a trend.
Also visit: for information on these budding designers:
· Annetta
· Choupa Joelle
· Terranga Couture
· Joli Mike
· Blanchel
Dubbed the Cameroonian Gok Wan, George Tyrone Eko heads GTE styling. An emerging wardrobe/fashion stylist, his fresh flamboyance and originality have gained him work at London Fashion Week and a legion of fans including style queen, Arieta Mujay. Find out more about him on:
Join his Facebook group here:
John Kouoh is a fashion stylist based in Cameroon who has worked in top fashion events such as the Afric Collection fashion shows that takes place once a year in Cameroon and features Africa's top and emerging designers. For more information, please go here:
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