Tuesday, May 26, 2009


From one fashion post to another, I hereby bring to you JUNE.
Julie a 30 year old French darling and Nelly a 28 year old Cameroonian native living in France met during a summer job they had together 7 years ago.
Their friendship bonded and so did their creativity and they decided to take things further by fusing their artistic but yet complementary ideas to come up with “JUNE” (JU-lie & NE-lly) a prêt-a-porter label which dialogues the West meets Africa theme to create a harmonious union between authenticity and modernity.

If you are in Paris, check out their shop here:
June Shop
13 Villa Saint Michel
75018 Paris

Or go to: http://www.myspace.com/juneshop
Or www.juneshop.net
Stay sweet

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sindel600 said...

wow superbes ces tenues, j'aurais voulu avoir une idée des prix!
sympa ton blog, viens voir le miens so tu veux, le blog d'une camer à tlse