Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Cameroonians are still dazed by the death of makossa diva, Charlotte Mbango.

The award-winning star breathed her last yesterday. Website, Kaï Walaï, noted she had been ill for a while. Details of the cause of her death are still to be confirmed.

Tributes have poured into social networking sites and internet forums.

On face book, fellow songstress, Coco Mbassi expressed her condolences to Mbango’s family.

“It is a sad day for Cameroonian music,” lamented The Apprentice Africa star, Kathleen Ndongmo.

The grand daughter of makossa legend, Eboa Lotin, Charlotte Mbango began singing in church choirs at the age of nine.

She entered the Parisian music scene as a backing vocalist for various African and Caribbean artists.

In 1987, Mbango launched her solo career with the upbeat Nostalgie album. But it was mega-hit, Konkai Makossa, that shot her to global fame and earned her a Golden Record award.

She also received an Honorary Tamani in Bamako, Mali in 2003.

Renowned for her pure voice and lively style, Charlotte Mbango collaborated with musical greats including Manu Dibango and Paul Simon.

Her death deals another blow to the Cameroonian entertainment industry which recently lost music luminary, Hoigen Ekwalla.

“May she rest in peace,” said fan, Betty Abeng.

By Ngum Ngafor

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Kathleen Ndongmo said...

Tom Yoms, Hoigen Ekwalla, Now Charlotte Mbango.... It hurts to think that the real, true Cameroonian music is 'dying'. What I hear when I go back home these days is a lot of meaningless, beatless string of profanities in the guise of makossa/bikutsi and others that leave questions as to the intent and viability of today's musicians. I listened to a lot of Charlotte, Hoigen, and even Zangalewa last night.....just the nostalgia of the depth of meaning in their songs brought a tear to my eyes. Rest in peace Nyango Charlotte and thank you for the memories.

Nathalie Kingue and Divine Kangami said...

Wêêêh ayo mba é! so sad, so sad. May she really rest in peace. NathyK

Anonymous said...

yes charlotte! thank you for the music.


Nkoh joseph said...

Actually charlotte mbango is a great loss to all Cameroonians worldwide, she is an eminent to the makossa family. she was more than an auntie, cause Auntie charlotte was always with us while back in Cameroon.She was a great contribution to the work of creation, by participating with music. She has move on to eternity and hopefully she continues these good works of the soul (music). I wish you well Auntie, go in the peace and love of God the creator ( bola nyongo ba sadi di mala de bolo oboso, Adieu Tante Charlotte) Nasom a loba lam ...(famille mungole Bonamuang-Akwa nord.)

Anonymous said...

condolences cameroonians after loss of charlotte mbango.i am chadwick ong'ara of kenya and a diehard makossa fan.i also love the duala language.what are the meanings of bolo,ayo mbae,soni timba,bila mo na mo,bobe,mpololo,mbembe nyolo a ngo,tondo mo and osi di mbea?

Betty said...

Charlotte... We still miss you

Anonymous said...

Charlotte, we miss you so much. May your soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

RIP, Charlotte! I miss you so much :(