Sunday, June 21, 2009


With Cameroon's talents venturing and conquering all parts of the music industry, well MCing is by no means an exception!

I hereby bring you SONA, the star MC creating waves down in Milwaukee. Sona moved to this state to join his father who had left Cameroon before he was born, in pursuit of a better life.

After enrolling at the University of Wisconsin, Sona decided to pursue his passion for music by founding his own record label, Imperial Records and producing and releasing his debut album "Man in the Mirror". His first single "Dreams" climbed to number 2 on the CMJ new music report for the hip hop genre.

Sona is currently working on his second album, "African Juju" under the changed name of his label, Intercession Records which is due to be released June 25.

Sona’s goal is to bring about a positive change in the Milwaukee hip-hop community and help the scene achieve national recognition through his music.

He is planning a nationwide tour in Cameroon after summer, catch him if you can and I hope to bring you the tour schedule.

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