Thursday, June 25, 2009


From Kumba town to Milwaukee city, there is a rising MC doing his thang and doing it BIG!

Unveiling his second album today entitled “African Juju”, DC hereby brings you Sona the Voice as he is popularly known.

He speaks to DC about his new album and his scheduled tour in Cameroon after summer.

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DC: So how did you get into this genre of music?
SONA: Growing up, I heard a lot of hip hop music whilst in school and I got into this music and started copying the way the artists were rapping just as fun. I also then began to listen to Tupac a lot as his music was getting popular in Cameroon.

DC: How did you then venture into your own lyrics?
SONA: I started rapping to my own music from one day while my brother and I were playing a video game and an instrumental track came on at the end and my brother just looked at me and said do your thing! I just started freestying to the instrumental song and the rest is history.

DC: What did your parents have to say about this?
SONA: I have reached a stage where my parents are taking me really seriously though this was not the case when I first told them that I was venturing into music..they wanted me to get a degree, my masters and have a normal career. Nevertheless now they are joyful and proud even including my grandmother!

DC: How easy was it setting up your own record label?
SONA:It is not an easy task, I tell you that. You need a lot of resources, dedication and hard work to get it together.

DC: How do you get your fans to believe in your MC style?
SONA: [He laughs]...there is something about my records...I have to tell you that each artists discovers themselves over time... so for my fans, I just connect and put my heart into what I do. I tell them stuff I have seen and experienced whilst growing up in Cameroon. My music is not make believe!

DC: "African Juju" is the title of your second album, why that name?
SONA: Well, erm I chose it because I wanted to show my worthiness to represent my motherland and it has nothing to do with masquerades or anything.

DC: What is the general message in this album?
SONA: A message of struggle, victory and of Africa in general.

DC: Any collaborations on this album? Who are they?
SONA: Yes, I collaborated with Emphasis E on the track entitled "Go". I also had a production company in New York called Uprising Production collaborate as well as Jason Samanik engineering the music sequence.

DC: What do you hope to achieve with your music?
SONA: To reach the 4 corners of the world. My music is a movement which will seek to showcase Africa.

DC: When is the tour in Cameroon?
SONA: The tour will take place this autumn in Cameroon and I will be working with Timaya, a Nigerian artist. We will also be working with local artists in Cameroon.

DC: I hope to get the schedule once you release them!
SONA: Mos def!

DC: Will you be touring anywhere else?
SONA: Yes, there are other stuff in the working. I have been travelling here in the US alot doing shows..more will come. I was in Europe from early May doing shows as well. I may return to do a couple of shows again.

DC: So what will be the first single of this album and why that choice?
SONA: The first single is “It’s all about Money”. I chose this because I talk a lot about what money can and can’t buy in the song and how society treats you because of your plenty or lack of. It shows the dual side, the pros and the cons of money.

DC: What is your idea of a successful life?
SONA: Having peace of mind, having no worries, that’s my idea of a successful life!

"African Juju" is available for purchase today! To grab your copy go to or and search for "African Juju".
You could also check Sona's Myspace here

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