Friday, June 12, 2009


President Barack Obama personally withdraws the US visa of some corrupt Cameroonian politcians as he believes that their US bank accounts are disproportionately furnished compared to the level of living in Cameroon.

In his note sent to the head of the US embassy in Cameroon, Obama lists the names of those politicians who have been banned from entering the US inclusive of the names of their wives and children.

After the CIA and FBI conducted their investigations, they discovered that their apparent hefty bank accounts were tax payer's money diverted.

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Dulce said...

I personally commend the President for his actions...more countries need to follow soot rather than condone the behaviour of our African leaders by not batting an eye lid.
Well done Mr Obama!

Anonymous said...

He should ban Biya and his cheap whorish lioness looking 1st drag queen.
Mamfe Oranges


Long leave the president of United States - President of Presidents,President Barack Obama.
As a matter of Fact other Presidents like Switzerland, France,Spain and other Developed countries should do same to Cameroon and other African countries if they have to help develop Cameroon in particular and Africa.

The world and the lord are in support of what of your actions
May the lord bless you as you continue to bring change in the world.


Courage Mr Obama

Anonymous said...

Please, Obama get hold of Paul Biya and help evict him from office. A terrible rogue he is; has stolen the country's money and made Cameroonians become destitutes and the multitude living in dire straits. 27 years in office? Democracy? You got to be kidding me. If rebels take office it might be too late fgor the US to act. Terrorism is a global war and when a people cannot get help from a democratic America especially with Barack who by every meaure should understand the african plight, then they would seek it elsewhere to unseat the regime. Please act!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

congratulation President Obama. You are really a gift from God. Please help cameroon get rid of these currupt officials who are distroying the country ESPECIALLY PAUL BIYA who is clasified amongst the most tyrant in the world. As my friend Gilbert rightly said, let the supreme authorities of other countries in the world do same as President Obama by banning these thiefs from their territories.