Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Fashionistas just can’t get enough of KiRette Couture’s latest shows.

The hot new label partnered with charity, Living Measure, to present the Threads for a cause event in support of the campaign against sexual exploitation.

Manhattan’s swish Boucarou Lounge was the place to be last Wednesday as 150 of New York’s greatest movers and shakers savoured exquisite designs from KC’s recent Afrik Lux collection and grooved to the soulful sounds of Cameroonian star, Wax.

“It was a very enriching and entertaining night. The runway show was very vibrant and totally told our story” said KC’s US director, Kibonen Nfi.

Approximately $3000 was raised from the showcase. Fifty percent of the money will benefit Living Measure’s Girls Educational and Mentoring Services' (GEMS) project. The New York-based programme provides young victims of sexual exploitation with a range of support services including shelter and education.

“We believed KiRette Couture would bring the right blend of cache and high end exposure to the event that our guests would appreciate.

In turn, this would be beneficial in our effort to raise funds for the campaign against youth sexploitation,” said Living Measure co-founder, Mirande Valbrune.

For Kibonen Nfi, the event was as eye-opening as it was dazzling. “Many Americans tend to think that youth sexploitation occurs mostly in Asian Countries like Thailand.

A lot of people were shocked to learn that it happens in their own neighbourhoods too. It was an educative night for all present,” she explained.

Event organiser, Liz Oton of Fete Atelier received much praise for creating an impeccable experience.

Fete Atelier had collaborated with KC and Living Measure on previous events. Our strength is in developing strategies and building partnerships that result in quality get-togethers,” she said.

And her impressions of KC’s new collection? “It is an exquisite mix of luxurious fabric, detailed embroidery and vivid colours. African Luxe at its best,” she declared.

And if you thought KC was keeping all its classy cool stateside, think again.

Only days before the New York soiree, KiRette Couture brought unprecedented chic to Manchester, UK by teaming up with George Tyrone Eko (GTE) Styling to present its latest collection at Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter.

The classy event featured a gallery style showcase, peppered with spoken word performances from Layode Asgill and Segun Lee-French.

“I chose a gallery theme because I wanted to show our spring/summer collection in a setting where everyone could fully experience the superb craftsmanship and art that goes into making KiRette Couture creations,” said the label’s UK director, Anrette Ngafor.

Backed by live kora music, she captured fashion fops with the stories behind the vividly embroidered and print pieces, which draped the bodies of gorgeous models as they sashayed down the runway and posed magazine style on wooden plinths. Their charm ensured many a man had a hard time voting solely for their favourite outfit.

“The rating process was the highlight of the evening! It proved quite an ice breaker and gave our show the interactive edge we wanted. Everyone really enjoyed it,” noted Anrette Ngafor.

Laurette Matembe’s blue bubble dress, adorned with a gold chiffon petit coat proved the fashionistas’ favourite and following closely was Norah Finney’s one strap embroidered dress.

For proud stylist, George Tyrone Eko, the show fulfilled its promise of “simplicity and drama.”

Layode Asgill’s was a poetic verdict. “It was a night of pure resplendence,” he remarked.

Indulge in some pictures of the night as per below.

The winning blue bubble dress!

The second fave of the night!

Ms Anrette Ngafor, CEO (Middle)

Kirette Couture also featured in this month's online issue of Ghubar magazine, check them out here: http://ghubar-magazine.com/mag_juin.htmlb
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Anonymous said...

Nice nice nice. Wow, liked the KC feature in the magazine.

yohai said...

Hello Dulce.
You have no idea how glad I am to come across your blog. after hours of searching...
I actually wondered if you could help me find a Cameroonian musician I once met in Laos. All I know is that his wife who was travelling with him is French and if I remember correctly his name is Noon(?) or something that sounds similar (like Nun, or Nung)
if you think you can help me I would appreciate it so much.
we sat down that evening and Noon sang and played one of his songs - Oh Mona- a song saying that children should listen to their elders because they are full of knowledge and when are gone it is as if an entire library was gone.
That evening, the vibe and the energies that where there... there wasn't a dry eye among anybody who sat there.

This is a great project you made here. Admirable!
Thank you so much,

Dulce said...

Hey Yohai...thanks for appreciating the blog! With the encouragement from everyone like you Dulce Camer will strive to work even harder to unravel the many talents that Cameroon has.
Please email me at brownschuga@yahoo.com for more on your search.