Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Finally, the long wait is now over! Tumbuboss made its debut on TV this past weekend and the remaining platform to witness this much anticipated video was online. How has it been received? The online sphere went a bit googoo after 7.30pm Cameroon time as the excitement and wonder for the video grew.

After his multiple award-winning streak with hit debut street anthem “Hein Père”, Cameroon’s most prolific, widely talked about charismatic rap artist is definitely back…with another powerful video.

Introducing his new highly anticipated club banger “Tumbuboss” (Deluxe) video shot by Shamack Allharamadji revealing a gritty and fast paced lifestyle with Porsches, airplanes, casino scenes…high quality visuals on a grade never before seen within Cameroon’s music artists.

Is Motherland Empire’s Stanley Enow a.k.a Bayangi Boy here to set the records as an equal contributor to the growing 237 music scene? Should we by now stand up and take note? We believe so!

Stanley spotting a Heart Angel (HA) belt. Shout out to HAC!

Sophy Aiida showing her support, cheers!

Stanley looking propre on the casino scene
Watch the video here:

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Saturday, April 12, 2014


The Cameroon film industry is doing all it can to bring itself to the forefront of the African movie industry. With constant film releases and awards being won, the Cameroonian public should rest assured that we are bound to have a booming industry in due time.

Today, we bring to your attention a new film which is due to be released soon...

EKEI is the incredible story of a young poor village girl named “Ekei”, who sets out on an unprecedented journey. Having never travelled out of the village before, she finds herself in the city for the first time – the United States for that matter. 

Caught up in the most dehumanising, unendurable, violent and torturous circumstances of rape, torture and enslavement, she battles her way out but then living behind a traceable record of first degree murder.

Despite all odds and her inability to trust or believe in any one, she stumbles upon the character Vitalis Amuam; a young, hardworking and generous guy, who sets an unprecedented turnaround of things which lands her in court and puts the jury in a very tight situation.

Main Cast: Stephanie Maa, Kang Quintus, John Dumelo, Soleil Diva, Claudio Oben, Elian Mambo, Donald Imm, Winstina Taylor, Wendy Bangura.

Crew: Director- Akim Macauley, D.O.P - Christopher Okonkwo, Camera Operator 1: Elvis Efamba, Camera Operator 2: Penjo Baba, Ex. Producers - Kang Quintus/Elian Mambo, Producer: Kang Quintus.

Catch the EKEI trailer below...

And that's it!
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Monday, April 7, 2014


Last March 15th at the Loft Ballroom on Washington Blvd in Laurel, Maryland, 2 Cameroonian business services joined forces on an event dubbed "Showcase Gala Night".

The idea conceived by 2 extremely talented and creative young women; Emilia Ayuk and Martha Takwih was aimed to showcase exquisite event planning and venue decoration with a great focus on detail like never before seen especially among the Cameroonian community. It was to serve as a teaser to what these 2 talents could do.

The event was captured by Brins Image; revealing a well thought out creatively intoxicated showcase of talent by Emis Designs and Decor and D&M Event Planning Services. Some images from the night below...

Breathtaking isn't it? Totally creative!

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The tourism industry in Cameroon is slowly taking shape with quality well thought out facilities springing up aiming to provide a quality service to the holidaying public. One such facility that recently opened its doors is Moland Beach Resort. We caught up with the owner through the business networking platform SIPEC and below is our little chat.
Happy Reading!

DC: What is the main concept of Moland Beach Resort
Moland Beach Resort (MBR): MOLAND BEACH is an all-inclusive self-contained beach-front destination resort that will boast the biggest outdoor fresh water park in the world, a golf course, leisure boat pursuits and other water sports, with ample entertainment and adventures to attract and keep all kinds of visitors, throughout their stay.
We plan to create the first business and vacationer’s year-round paradise, to provide food, drink, lodging, sport, recreation, entertainment , shopping and a conference centre, for the Central and West African region.
DC: What inspired this?
MBR: The need for us to start catering for the growing middle class in the continent with world-class venues where they could rest, relax and rejuvenate. The need to catch up with what is happening around the world, and especially in other African cities. The need for us Africans to start spending our holidays within the continent. The need to believe that beautiful things can come out of Africa.

DC: 5 things you can tell us (potential client) about the resort is?
MBR: They are:-

-It is uniquely located in one of the most attractive parts of Africa – the West Coast of Cameroon in IDENAU - just where the Atlantic turns south in the Gulf of Guinea. This is also the place where the black volcanic sands of Limbe fizzles out at the end of mount Cameroon into the predominantly brown sands of West Africa.

-It is endowed with a multitude of outstanding natural beauties including an island, a haunting lagoon, several rivers criss-crossing as they run into the sea, and a five kilometre natural and unspoilt beach-front.
- It will boast the biggest fresh-water swimming pool in the world.
-The Jet Ski park makes this part of Africa look like Miami Beach or The French Riviera. But the big difference is that here you can have your Jet Ski adventure in the Lagoon (for beginners) or the sea (for the experienced skier).
- This will be the first business and vacationer’s year-round paradise, that will provide food, drink, lodging, sport, recreation, entertainment , shopping and a conference centre, for the Central and West African region. 
DC: Who are behind the project?
MBR: The Royal “We”. But I am looking out for genuine partners.

DC: What has been the biggest challenge?
MBR: Mentality – we don’t seem to be supportive of entrepreneurship that is not Government related and especially if the dream is big. Dishonesty - it is beginning to look like it’s the national game.

DC: Could we potentially see a chain of Moland Beach Resorts across Cameroon/world?
MBR: Yes. Moland could soon take over the world from Disney Land and Lego Land, as the place where adventures are made. And will come in the following forms: Adventure Parks; Hotels and Leisure; Holiday Resorts.

DC: In your opinion, the change in Cameroon is...(complete and tell us why).

MBR: If at all there are any changes, within the private sector in Cameroon, like Government says, it is mostly in the telecom and banking sector. However, this is not exclusive to Cameroon. It is Africa wide. Government is now beginning to understand that the Civil Service has a stranglehold on business in Cameroon. The recent business forum that took place in Douala was to try and address some of these issues. Commended though, this might be too little, too late. Until the issues affecting Small and Medium Size Enterprises are seriously tackled, development in Cameroon will only be brought about by Government, not the heart and soul of business. The SMEs are the back-bone of every economy, and we should understand that. Our government is too big, too powerful, too everywhere, to the extent that it fails to provide the kind of platform or atmosphere in which business needs to strive.

Check out some images of the facility below...

Exciting isn't it? Go visit!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014


For all our art loving readers, this one is for you.

Shiri Achu’s art comes from everyday, unsurprising yet unexpectedly vivid moments, times, places and objects. She seeks to capture the spirit of her subjects and make them come alive through form, colour, texture and tone. She draws insight from her travels but in general her inspiration is very broad; from natural moments captured in Africa to still objects, from the human form to the human in action.

Ever increasingly so, one of the aims of Shiri Achu’s art is to showcase the African cultures worldwide. It’s also to bring back the fond memories to those in the diaspora. She finds beauty in the woman carrying her child on her back and going her way, She finds beauty in the old lady who makes her ‘achu’ in her dark outdoor kitchen for her grandchildren.

She finds beauty in the African fabrics, she finds beauty, envy even, in the young girl climbing the tree!! So she paints these images. For her they are beautiful moments and for that moment, whilst she works on that piece she buries herself in the story and in the culture.

It’s been 5 years since Shiri Achu’s first solo exhibition held at St Augustine's tower in Hackney. Since then she has been given the award of 'The best Artist in Brent' by the Brent Council. London and has been fortunate to have exhibited in various exciting places/events/ cities. These include; The Commonwealth Secretariat, The houses of Parliament and The Olympic African Village. Cities include; Adelaide, Lisbon, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Las Vegas and Chiang Mai to name a few.

As well as exhibiting, Signed Limited Shiri Achu Art Prints can be bought at The Smithsonian Institution & The National museum of African Art in Washington DC USA and can also be purchased from Naprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures in Prague.

Shiri Achu Art has also been featured in the book ‘'International Contemporary Masters VII' (Published by World Wide Art Books) as well as in numerous magazines, blogs, TV shows such as BBC TV Show ‘Show me the Monet’ Series 2.

Today, Shiri Achu is excited to present to London, for one week only ‘35 In Print: London’.

The exhibition will largely consist of 35 Framed Signed Limited Edition Shiri Achu Art Prints. You will be able to purchase these limited edition signed prints at very affordable prices!

There will also be a raffle on the night.  Three lucky people will win signed limited edition framed prints worth £250 each. £35 of every print sold and proceeds from the raffle will be used to fund an exciting new project in Cameroon. Details will be revealed at the exhibition.

Live music from the fabulous singer, Amaka who will be travelling all the way from Germany to perform at the opening party.

Shiri Achu Art looks forward to welcoming you at "35InPrint: London".

Venue: The Strand Gallery; 32 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6BP
Date: 19th - 25th April 2014
Time: 6pm-10pm (for opening party and 11am-6pm on the other days)

For more information:
Email: shiri@shiriachuart.com
Twitter: @shiriachuart

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The Miss Cameroon USA 2014 show was scheduled last night at The Hampton Conference Center in Maryland slated to be hosted by the reigning Miss Cameroon and Miss World contestant Valerie Ayena.

While all the supporters patiently waited  for the winner to be announced amongst the 11 girls taking part, the contestants themselves were as diverse as the country they were representing.

One girl who surely looked the part with elegance and poise and who at the end was the crowned winner was none other than 23 year old Bangwa young lady and the Bronx resident Nora Ndemazia Nkeng. Her aspiration is to become a corporate/business lawyer or a diplomat and her mission is to reach out to the orphans in Cameroon providing them with education.

This is Queen Nora...

Photos: Selmo Photos

Hoorah to the Queen!!
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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Dear DC readers, we have just the right thing to close this day. This one is a subtle zouk inspired afro pop love song by Julio Tresor featuring the very soft and sensual voice of Lyse'K.

Is there that special one you don't want to live without, "Viens Avec Moi" is that kind of song that puts you in a  reminiscent mood.

"...Je me sens si mal mais je l'aime toujours...c'est mon mari..." c'est la vie n'est-ce pas? Life always seem to have a funny way of taking over. He/she may be no good but deep down you still love them.

Watch the video below...

And you can also listen to the track here.

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Hello all, Happy Sunday to you and we hope that whatever your plans are for today that they will be fulfilled.

So as you all should be aware, major things are happening in Cameroon. We are seeing/noticing many different and invaluable talents pop up which we know will definitely help to place our beloved country as a contender with the rest of those fast developing ones in Africa.

We (re) introduce you to Maison D’Afie a womenswear brand launched a few years back by Sarah Divine-Garba. After a small short hiatus which allowed her to “live” a little, the lady is back with a whole new look and a different collection dubbed “Mami Nyanga”. Oh yes, we are very ready for the nyangarisation aren’t we?

Their new autumn winter collection is a subtle romance between “street couture and tropical flavours giving rise to a few essential classic items.  The collection is made of 8 interchangeable pieces suitable for any occasion. The idea here was to achieve much with less.

She surely remained true to her brand by infusing tribal accents into the designs with the use of colour and embroidery of tribal art. Most of the work is artisanal with a lot of attention put into the cut.

Quality and practicality were the key drivers in her thought process. The collection features customised prints in silks, and polyester and there is indeed a pick for every lady.

See the collection here...

The lookbook is also available at: www.maisondafie.com

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


It's about that time, you know how it is...Stanley Enow is back yet again and has given us more than a little njangsang with this banger of a remix...

Pheew, so it's certainly been a whirlwind 8 months for starboy Stan since the official release of “Hein Père” video shot by the renowned videographer Shamak which has seen him on a steady journey upwards. During this period Stanley has won awards, met the first lady of Cameroon, sang in front of thousands of spectators, broken records and travelled afar to engage with his fans outside Cameroon.

So as we anxiously wait for the official release of the follow up video for released track “Tumbuboss Deluxe” after its teaser last month, the artist has teamed up with South Africa’s fastest rising rap act F.A.B in a remix which puts yet again the debut single on centre stage and gives Cameroon another boost as a contender in the African entertainment industry.

Wait...if you have been on planet Mars these past months, let us fill you in that “Hein Père” by Stanley Enow currently stands at nearly 415,000 views on youtube; a first and a huge record for a Cameroon based artist. Bam!!

So here it goes...enjoy!!

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Monday, March 17, 2014


The British High Commissioner to Cameroon, H.E. Brian Olley hosted a Baka music performance and documentary 
projection at his resident in Yaounde on the 14th of March 2014.
The aim of the event was to promote the rights of the Baka pygmies and to lobby government as well as other development partners to help in protecting the forest which is the natural habitat of the Baka people as well the centre of their culture and livelihood.
The event was done in collaboration with a UK charity Global Music Exchange - GME also known as “One Heart” by the Baka people. According to the leader of the charity Martin Craddick “their objective is to raise awareness of the plight of the Bakas by showing people the beauty of the culture of these people who are loosing their home as a result of excessive forest exploitation and government forest policies”.
British High Commissioner to Cameroon, H.E. Brian Olley, in introducing the projection of the a the documentary produced by renowned BBC journalist Phil Agland said “though some work has been done by the Cameroonian government in the area of basic education to assist the Bakas, a lot is still to be done for these people often considered as second class citizens to regain their place within Cameroonian society”.
The guests at the event some of whom included Commonwealth Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute, Basic Education Minister, Mrs. Youssouf Hadidja Alim and the head of the UN system, Mrs. Najat Roshdi; were touched by Phil Agland’s film which focused on the effects of alcoholism, bad forest policies and human exploitation on the Baka people and their way of living.
Music and dance was also in the agenda with the guests of honour the Baka dancers and singers performing spectacular musical pieces for all those present.
Having worked with Martin Craddick on a show before, we must say he is doing a fantastic job for our indigenous people. Thank you Martin!
Source: UK Gov in Cameroon
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Sunday, March 16, 2014


Oh what a very sad sad day for us today March 16th as we learn of the passing of this legend, the socially conscious music artist Lapiro de Mbanga.

Lapiro aka Ndinga man real name Pierre Roger Lambo Sandjo used his music to speak out on the many challenges and obstacles faced by the people of Cameroon putting himself in great danger.

Recently released from prison where he was sentenced for his critic on the constitution change, Lapiro had made Buffalo, New York his home together with his wife and 5 of their 6 children.

We have truly lost a treasure. We are thankful for the music Mr Sandjo. Thank you for being a part of our childhood and adulthood - bref, part of our lives. We will mimba you...

A tribute from Dora Decca below...
"...Pourquoi gémis-tu sans cesse o mon âme? Réponds-moi. D'où vient ce poids de tristesse qui pèse aujourd'hui sur toi? (A.de L). LAPIRO DE MBANGA...Que ton âme repose en paix."