Sunday, May 24, 2009


Bad service tends to spread faster than a bush fire but DC would like to go the other way and spread some unexpected good service received.

Ok, so we all know that Camer events tend to be dogged by mis-management, mis-organisation, bad timing, crap location choice and overall not valuable for the amount paid.

That said, friday gone was the 20th May celeberatory reception staged by the UK High Commissioner, His Excellency Nkwelle Ekaney and his spouse at the Kensington Town Hall in London.

Being the first ever High Commissioner to have such a reception for the Cameroonian public and with the fact that the number of attendees were unknown, H E Ekaney and spouse totally outdid themselves by staging an event that not only had elegance and importance but also revealed an air of appreciation and gratitude from the High Commissioner.

The choice of location was perfect and just right for the amount of people that turned up, the interior was befitting, the assorted food was quality, the drinks flowed, the crowd was appreciative and content as they danced away to a selection of makossa tunes....and all these was for FREE, yes totally FREE!

To say I was shocked and surprised was an understatement because I expected the usual Camer service but I am glad that I was proved wrong for once. I left this reception impressed and optimistic that maybe, just maybe this could be a turning point, a new era for Camer...especially after listening to H E Ekaney's well written and positive speech that included bridging the gap and creating a relationship between the UK Cameroonian public and the High Commission which has been non existant thus far. This was affirmed by him sending a booklet round this event to gather the contact details of those who attended. His point about facilitating business opportunities or collaborations between UK Cameroonians and Cameroon was also well received.

A new era for Camer I say, or am I just too over optimistic? It takes one person to change the world, in this case a country, right?

Have a great long weekend.
Stay sweet

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Anonymous said...

wow! it seems like change really has come. when do we get to see the pics dulce? i know u were looking hot!