Saturday, May 9, 2009


Another great find from team DC!

Check this list made up by Jeune Afrique Magazine and see what you think.
Since this list came out it has caused a lot of controversy and a lot of discussions.

What do you make of it?

Download it here:

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Isabel said...

Next year watch out for team Dulce Camer. We are going to make the cut, I said it.

Anonymous said...

hmm, i agree with peeps like manu, bona, imane ayissi and other artists but what the hell has inoni done for cameroon! na war oh.

Anonymous said...

oooh my God just looking at this hidious list,like my fellow reader said what the hell has Inoni done for Cameroon! and besides all the thieves are over 60yrs are they saying young people in Cameroon are not active and how come we have just one female on that list its a shame now i see why we have a problem in that country! by the way where what are people like Laurent Esso doing on this list that man has been in the government since i was a baby, pls DC give us a list that we can reconcile with.

Anonymous said...

I am a communications student at Howard university who is currently doing a study on copyrights issues on Cameroonian websites and blogs and I just thought I should comment on this post and the one on Christie Njeuma. Although you have a a link to the jeune Afrique article, you do not mention that you got it from another blog. Same with the Christie Njeuma pictures which are also from another blog.

One of the strengths of the Kenyan and South African blogosphere is the fact that they actually have a community, commenting about articles from other blogs, linking back to stories from other bloggers and giving each other props, and respecting copyright guidelines. Such standards do not exist among Cameroonians, which leads to the lack of attribution and inadvertent copyright issues such as the two that I just mentioned.

The same thing is seen on news sites such as,, etc., which use articles from Cameroonian newspapers without attribution.

Sorry for badging in, but what is knowledge if it is not shared?:-)

Keep up the good work!!!

From a concerned copyright advocate

Anonymous said...

If I understand correctly, this is not about people who have done "something" for Cameroon, but the most influential. In that context, Inoni is a million times more important than Bona. IN fact, I don't think Bona is influential at all in Cameroon. He might be to bushfallers but not those in Cameroon - Petit Pays and Lady Ponce would fit that bill much better if we want to talk of influential artists who have an impact on Cameroon and Cameroonians, for better or for worse.

Dulce said...

@anonymous 5.28, thanks for the knowledge shared but if you go through all our posts we carry a link to all our sources if we do use them.
DC shall be more careful next time.
@anonymous 5.31, In my opinion, influence means to project a positive impact, to fuel a growth, a development, in this respect, what have those in the list done to achieve this?

Thanks for all the comments though...keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dulce,

"influence" actually means being able to impact a situation, or in this case, a country. Inoni by his actions (or lack thereof) is able to influence the lives of Cameroonians, even those abroad, much more than Bona or any other person will be able to in their lifetime. So without doubt, Inoni is among the most influential people in Cameroon