Monday, May 11, 2009


Dulce Camer presents the “7 WONDERS OF CAMEROON” through our seven day round up of events and happenings which has helped to make and shape Cameroon to what it is presently.

We seek to educate, inform, echo memories of days and events gone pass as well as instil the pride of being a Cameroonian in each and every one of you.

After we are done, you will truly get to view Cameroon as an “Africa in Miniature”.

The topics we will deal with are as follows:-

  • Geography & History from pre colonialisation to date.

  • Culture & Arts: we delve into traditional architecture, films, literature. Also check out our top 10 all time Cameroonian musical classics, compiled in association with the amazing DJ Lewat (

  • Travel & Tourism: discover Africa in miniature! From the deep Baka and Korup Forests to the stunning Kapsiki Mountains, Mount Cameroon, Menchum Falls, Waza Park, Kribi Beach, Lake Chad.

  • Politics: DC takes a look at the events that have shaped our nation.

  • Fashion: Fashion: get the style with key and upcoming Camer fashion designers.

  • Food: let us tantalise your taste buds with the finest Cameroonian cuisine and boost your culinary skills with recipes.

  • Sport retrospective: we dribble through key moments in our sporting history from memorable African Nation's Cup games to Italia 90 and more.

Keep checking DC for there is more on the menu to come later on.
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Anonymous said...

i am sooooooo looking fwd to this!

Karlz JBilz said...

looking forward to it. Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Kalrz u r the coolest!


Anonymous said...

DC your my favourite blog keep up the good work and keep us informed always. will spread the word 2!