Thursday, May 14, 2009


Taking a break from our Camer 20th May coverage, we bring you sweet music to your ears, music that will tantalise your tastebuds and excite every nerve in your body! Yes, this shows the extent of my subjectivity, I know! This music is in the form of Wax & Missfollowme aka Miss Debs, it is a very feel good track which is just right for this summer weather....if you didn't know these two better get to know NOW!

They have collaborated on a hot track entitled "C'EST LA VIE". To listen go here:

To listen to more of this dude's sultry sweet voice, get some more Wax experience here:
He is doing great things and rocking the boat down in SA. If you are over in New York on the 31st of this month, catch him at the Boucarou Lounge performing at the KiRette Couture fashion show. More details to follow later.

And to listen to this sista, catch Miss Debs here:
I don't even want to start on this girl cos I may just continue to ramble on and on....her talent is there a greater word than this? I tell you people, she will tear down this World...they are so not ready for her! Okay, enough said.

My favourite of her tracks is most definitely her "Daddy" is so personal but yet so moving and so true of how most African men behave towards their "other" kids....Her lyrics are of inspiration and motivation to y'all out there who feel abandoned or forgotten by a parent..."Brace yourself in this cold, trust no one but everything on your own"
Stay sweet and INSPIRED.


debra debs said...

Braap! That was a huge big up DC! I have yet to listen to the C'est La Vie track too!

Anonymous said...

lol debs. i love it! u guys make it ur own.