Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Apparently geologists have discovered diamond deposits in Cameroon and dignitaries were yesterday attending a briefing session at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel in southern Seoul.

The discovery draws particular attention as the reserves in the areas of Mobilong and Limokoali are presumed to reach 736 million carats, equivalent to five times the world's annual total diamond production.
To read more on this story please go here: http://www.icicemac.com/news/index.php?nid=12981&pid=48 (source of our story).

Wow...now is this a blessing or a curse for Cameroon?
What are your views?
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Anonymous said...

after the things i've seen about sierra leone, i'm v fearful. i don't trust our leadership to handle what should be a blessing.


La Marja said...

I echo your sentiments Ngum. With our greedy and selfish leaders, some people will already have architects drawing up plans for houses to build.

Anonymous said...

Nothing that is feared will happen as the secretive methods applied by the government in Yaounde to petroleum exploration and drilling will equally apply to diamond. The constitutional change putting an end to presidential term limits is also to do with this discovery and that of nickel/cobalt, uranium, and gold. The thief of state needs to stay in power long enough to get his own share of the harvest.

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