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African fashion can be just as luxurious says Anrette Ngafor & Kibonen Nfi of KiRette Couture and with a collection like their newest, they are definitely right! The pair have landed in the fashion sphere, they have landed with a big bang and they are here to stay so move over and take note!

With only 4 months since this duo launched KC (KiRette Couture), they have managed to amass a huge following in the UK, in the US, in Cameroon through their Facebook group. In fact after speaking to their PR executive here in the UK, Ms Ngum Ngafor, she was delighted to say that after a day of creating their Facebook group they managed to have over a 1,000 people join through sheer interest! Now that is something!
Not content with that success, this duo have gone on to having their first ever fashion show a few weeks ago in the US to unveil their new spring/summer collection.

Wow...I love their determination, I love their hardwork and I love their attitude and their pride in their culture & heritage.

I managed to squeeze through their schedule and get you my readers an exclusive interview as promised! If you didn't better know get to know...DC.... BRINGS you all the juiciest SCOOPS!!
Happy Reading y'all

DC: Talk to us about your new collection!
KC: Our newest collection is a summer collection called “Afrik lux” and it is all about sassy-ness, sexy-ness, attitude, by using hot warm collections of the season in order to make African fashion luxurious.

DC: Do you design these garments yourself?
KC: Yes we do all our designs.

DC: Who actually does the sewing?
KC: We actually have our tailors back in Africa...we are not tied to one particular country. We do the designs and then take them back to be sewed.
DC: Why did you decide to focus in Africa for the tailors?
KC: Our initial idea was to highlight the strength of African tailors and we are trying to add value to the African person so as to improve the lifestyle of Africans by making them more productive and at the same time give them the opportunity to earn their living. We put them above minimum wage so what they do has more value to them. Tailoring in Africa is considered as a minimal job for non achievers...we are trying to encourage the young Africans to be able to get into a skill where they are passionate about knowing they can actually make a living from it. KC is about helping and encouraging each other, it is not just a fashion label. It is also a way to let others know that ready made pieces do not only have to come from the West and by using these tailors we are trying to show that ready made pieces from Africa are very wearable and very unique.

DC: How do you source your fabrics?
KC: When we first started, we were combing the market in Cameroon and we were picking out the best we look into India, Nigeria, Ghana, Benin because we want the best for our clients. We are going that extra mile to get the fabrics evaluated so we can get the best as this is the most important aspect of KC right now. We are scanning the whole world.
DC: Are you a glass half empty or glass half full person?
AN: I am a glass half full person...I always see things positively and you need this to get ahead in life.
KN: In my life, whatever I have wanted to do and taken upon myself to do, I have always done so to the best standards...there is no compromise about being optimistic and this is primordial to my existence...the sky is the limit to me and to KC so I would say I am a glass half full person too.

DC: If you were to improve the style of a celebrity, be it African or Western who would it be and why?
KC: I would say Michelle Obama...I have dreamt of styling Michelle Obama or Oprah...they are both very powerful women. Michelle Obama is not afraid to try her hand at something different. The inauguration dress she wore, no one expected that she would but she did and did so with great confidence. As for Oprah, she is gospel...whatever she says or does. We would love to see her in KC. Her personality will definitely complement our clothing. KC is not just a brand but shows the pride in our culture and this is what inspired us initially...our tradition and culture. We wouldn’t use KC to improve or change their fashion styles but would use KC on them to reflect the attitude.

DC: If you were God for one day and you were put in Cameroon, what would you do?
KC: I am such a Cameroonian...right at heart (KN). If I were to be God for one day, I would put the spirit of creativity, adventure and confidence in every Cameroonian. The reason I say so is that Cameroonians have decided to be consumers rather than creators, they do not think out of the box and they do not think they could be creative. In being creative, you have no choice but to be adventurous...learning from your experiences and moving on from that. Look at the Nigerians, they are making the most of their creativity and I hate referring to Cameroon as the country next to Nigeria. We need to get ourselves known. The World is focused on Africa right now and in the next couple of years it could be the next can we get Cameroon ready for this experience? We need the confidence and with KC we are striving to make every person to be proud to wear the “Bamileke” outfit or the “Toghu” inspired outfit.

DC: So what do you think is wrong with us Cameroonians, why are we so entrepreneur-shy?
AN: Cameroonians are so not willing to come out of the box of white collar jobs...they need to think differently...they need to start thinking more...they need to be more creative.
KN: One thing I love about the recession is it is getting people to think out of the box. It is making people think about using their hands to create a job for themselves. More people are setting up their companies on the side to top up on their salaries from these white collar jobs as they are starting to see that one salary would not do. One thing though, these creative people have to be proud to be doing things that are not considered mainstream..for example being a tailor, being a musician..being a photographer long as you are making money from it, you should feel proud.
DC: What is the best thing of coming from Cameroon?
KN: We are such a blessed Africa in is the only bilingual country in Africa and it is the only country in Africa that is “stable” as we have not had a war, now that is a gift. We are very peaceful people and we have a sense of making the best out of the worse situation.
AN: Honestly...Kibs and I are hanging together too much as she has said a lot of things I would say. To me it is a great gift..there is everything there, what could you not find there...we have beautiful people, beautiful landscapes etc We need to be more proud and use all the natural things that God has given to us in that country.

DC: How is the website going, when would it be live?
KC: The website will be live let’s say within the next few weeks simply because it has been a challenge. We don’t want it to be rushed...we want it to be a good website and easy to navigate. Our website will be great and just like with KC, we want it to be out of the box and we used a young guy back in Cameroon to build us one. He is very passionate and creative and that is why we used him. There are not that many who do that out there and we wanted to recognise his work and push him too.
DC: So how difficult or easy has it been financially to go from creativity and passion to turning it into a business?
KC: is tough...very challenging but because we believe in what we do we have put every pound or dollar we have into this. As the company grows, financially it will get better so we are looking foward to that as the response has been overwhelming. We are trying to reach out to investors, people who can buy shares into this company because KC has a lot of potential.

DC: So who are your ideal investors?
KC: Honestly, we need someone who believes in us and who has the ready cash to invest into KC. It is about the money, the trust and the belief in our concept.
DC: Can it be an ordinary person or a millionaire?
KC: Money has no tag and it has no label as long as it is there. It could even be our next door neighbour...anyone.
DC: How can your customers get their hands on your creations?
KC: Right now we are working on the website but if you need anything, contact us on Facebook, send us emails or even call us and we will sort the sale.
DC: You recently had your first ever fashion show, I wear did that go?
AN: The fashion show was fantastic and personally I was ecstatic. The night was very special, the models were great and the whole concept was great too. KC definitely stood out from the crowd so it was a success for us.
KN: The idea of the charity that was attached to this concept was such a great idea and we loved this and this made us even more determined to take part. Working with Amabel and her even wearing one of our piece was such an honour! It definitely worked well especially with our idea of supporting and encouraging each other.
DC: Where does KC go from here?
KC: KC is establishing itself as a ladies designer but we are working on a fabulous men’s line which will be off da hook. KC will be one of those labels were everyone will be able to identify with...that is our goal.
DC: That will be all lady KiRettettes as DC calls you guys!
KC: Thank you so much... this is our first ever interview too.
DC: Dulce Camer
KC: KiRette Couture
AN: Anrette Ngafor
KN: Kibonen Nfi
For more info on KC, see below.
UK Branch: Anrette Ngafor (CEO)
Tel: +44 (0)7912 602 095
US Branch: Kibonen Nfi (CEO)
Tel: + 1 347 543 2464
Media enquiries:
Ngum Ngafor
Tel: +44 7944 043 954
Kathleen Ndongmo
Their Facebook group:
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Have a fab long weekend to those of you in the UK & Europe.
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Haven't been here in a bit. I'm totally feeling the designs. And I love, love the interview. KC answers were on point. They said so many truths. More grease my Cameroonian sisters.