Thursday, April 23, 2009


Dulce Camer is at it again, getting first scoop of all the stories that matters...
Feast your eyes on these, the newest designs by KiRette Couture, a fashion forward label fronted by two pals Kibonen Nfi & Anrette Ngafor.

This is just a it an entree, the main course & dessert will be served in the manner of an exclusive interview with these two very shortly on DC...
In the meantime, to read a little bit more about this label, check out my previous post here:

Loving the pieces so far....and I know which I have my eyes on!
Watch out for the interview with the lady "KiRettettes"!
Stay sweet


IRepCamer said...

This collection is just 3 much...HOT HOT HOT!!Now i get for decide weti I!!Staying tuned for the IV!!

Mambi. A said...

Wow am not sure which shocks me more, the clothes or the fact that one of the models is a former classmates:)
Regardless I'm glad to see our African culture making it to main stream. I can wait for when I can go into a mall in the US and by african fashionable dresses. The possibilites are endless

Anonymous said...

IRC and L'Athlete Africain, thanks for your kind words. Your faith in and encouragement of KC is what will keep us going! let's make Africa mainstream together.

Dulce, I can't wait for ur iv. I'm sure as usual, you'll pull out a new trick from ur hat.