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Beauty and simplicity is truely personified in my opinion in this lovely young woman and not only that, her approach to everything seems very professional.

From her interview, you get the impression of a person who is truely grateful for her life, the things she has managed to accomplish so far and the hope of accomplishing more of her dreams in the future.

I admire her heart, I admire her simplicity and I also admire her body (erm....girl to girl and nothing else!). How fab are her abs? Lol!

Happy Reading y'all!

DC: What motivates you?
DE: The fact that I strongly believe that I was not put on this earth to be useless and the hope of what I want to be motivates me.

DC: Who has inspired you?
DE: The first person that comes to my mind is Oprah. She has a generous heart and is very giving. The greatest joy in my life is to give.

DC: Who is Daisy, tell us about the person behind this name!
DE: I consider myself a simple individual, who is very generous, has a heart for people. In a nutshell, I am the most uncomplicated person you would ever meet.

DC: How did Saker Baptist College prepare you for life?
DE: I was there for only a short while but I made friends from there which I have till date. There is a sense of unity among the Saker girls. It was my first experience of being out of home, being away from my parents and it gave me a sense of independence.

DC: What are you up to right now?
DE: Doing my Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in Health Service Management.
I was modelling and I appeared on music videos and films but had to put that on hold to finish my Masters. I have one more year before I complete this program. Saying that though, I model on special occasions such as promotions but right now I am working on a web series that is materialising into a feature film coming out this summer. This series is called "The Nigerian". For more info of the film, see below.

DC: How did you get into modelling?
DE: It started when I moved to LA, the capital of entertainment 5 years ago. I was encouraged by friends to pursue it so I got some good advice on how to start. Got my professional pictures taken and got some auditions. The more work I did, the more recognition I also got and I was encouraged to do more.

DC: How important is your image to you?
DE: [she laughs] very important to me. I have always been the type of girl who always kept up their look. My mum told me as a little girl that a woman had to look good at all times and this has been embedded in me, I feel I do need to present myself in a good way.

DC: What is your opinion on the African Culture?
DE: The African culture is very rich. I appreciate the sense of family and the community support. I am very much proud to be African. The only thing I cannot accept however is the role of the man and the right they have.

DC: How aware of this culture are you?
DE: I did grow up in Cameroon so I am very aware of my culture. We have to deal with living in the Western world and there are certain aspects of our culture we cannot impose here nevertheless I feel I have the best of both worlds as I still do maintain my African value and culture which I consider to be very beneficial.
DC: If you were God for a day, what would you do?
DE: [she laughs] one thing I would do is to get rid of sin, restoring the world to where it was before sin came into it.
DC: What is your educational background?
DE: I did Biology and Physical Sciences and was hoping on going to Med school but then I realised that that was not the life I wanted. After College (University), I worked for years then decided to do my Masters hoping to get on the business side of health.
DC: What did your parents say when you got into modelling?
DE: They were proud of me and told me to remember where I came from and also to know that I was a child of God. I understood what they meant by that and I did set limits on the things I would do.
DC: What has been the attitude of your friends towards you?
DE: I have had real friends who have been supportive and helpful towards me. I have also had aquaintances who have had negative things to say. In my opinion, jealousy and envy is a terrible attitude to have but it is what it is and that is life. The negativity only made me do more and I only answer to God and not to anyone else.

DC: What advice do you have for someone wishing to follow soot?
DE: You have to be very careful as you can easily be taken advantage off in this industry. You have to follow your heart even if it fails because you don't want to not do it and end up regreting. Be prepared to be rejected and if you are a young African, remember where you come from.

DC: What do you think of the role of the African woman nowadays?
DE: The role of the African woman and women in general is changing. They are more educated, more independent and more empowered. This change has its pros and cons but it's about finding a balance. In my opinion, the woman respecting her husband and taking care of her family is an attitude that should be maintained.
DC: How did Obama becoming president affect you?
DE: Obama becoming president gives me a sense of pride primarily because he is of African decent as I am. But most importantly I feel he has the capability of affecting the USA and the world in a positive way as he brings in fresh regime that encourages everone especially youths to be more proactive about the growth of their communities. I do not neccesarily agree with all his policies but I think he will do well.

DC: What do you think of Michelle Obama's style?
DE: Michelle Obama's style is appropriate for the status she now occupies. Its simply fresh and endearing to say the least.

DC: And Chantal Biya?
DE: Chantal Biya could taper down on the outrageous hair colour and volume in my opinion. But then again, different cultures have shared beliefs on what is acceptable style, so if no one else in Cameroon is really complaining hey!

DC: Thank you
DE: are welcome!
DC: Dulce Camer
DE: Daisy Enoh
Many thanks peeps for checking the blog. Please don't forget to keep mentioning the names of Camers doing things. If we don't big them up, then who will?
Stay sweet


IRepCamer said...

Wow...Dulce...Lovely Interview!!You really know how to bring out the best in people!!The title of the post says it all...Ten Thumbs up to Daisy!Mme. Chantou really needs to do something about her!

Anonymous said...

fab iv dulce! this daisy girl is running tings oh! i see how she dey shake for that tyrese video. daisy i beg hook a sista up lol.
that guy in "the nigerian" is also fit.

you cudn't resist bringing chantou into this cud ya lol.

as u say dulce, if we don't sing the praises of our stars, who will? keep doing ur thang!


Dulce said...

Ha haaa peeps, I couldn't resist a bit of Chantou!

cynthia said...

Daisy is an exceptional woman, lovely human being and I'm so proud of her and what she's been able to accomplish despite the naysayers. Good work profiling her.
As concerns Chantal- my word, my coworker who knows very little about Cameroon had to ask me what was wrong with her hair when he saw Chantals pic in a recent issue of the Economist.

Diana M. said...

Great Interview Dulce! I think it's great that you have a blogspot that celebrates our culture and the Cameroonians who have also done well to represent us positively. Daisy Enoh is clearly an example of that, her beauty and simplicity excudes beyond belief. She inspires great hope for our younger generations, while keeping the Good Lord and her education close. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Great interview u pulled out there. Daisy Wow! u are an inspiration to those who want to have both worlds. Keep doing it girl u did GREAT!


Anonymous said...

Lovely interview Dulce.....And Daisy, u look stunning!!!Absolutely stunning!!!