Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Wear African, wear KiRette Couture!

African glamour is official! And Kirette Couture are putting their stamp on it as they take their first catwalk steps at the biggest African fashion campaign.

Launched by African Vibes magazine, the “I Wear African” drive is about individual expression, contemporary style and cultural heritage.

The exquisite affair, which also celebrates African Vibes’ third anniversary, will showcase KiRette Couture's hot new Spring/Summer line.

KiRette Couture (KC) execs Anrette Ngafor and Kibonen Nfi will be rubbing shoulders with some of Africa’s finest designers – and you of course! So get ready for a night of fabulousness and fun on 18 April 2009 at The Blu Lounge & Grill, 6281 Reed St , Bethseda , MD 20814 .

Oh and speaking of fun, DJ Mix, the Ivorian creators of hit tune “Bobaraba” (a tribute to the beauty of African women) will be there to ensure you get your freak on to the max!

African Vibes is also running a competition on the best designer look. KiRetette Couture's victory is your victory! Voting for KiRette Couture couldn’t be easier:

Here is a reason why KiRette Couture should gain your vote:

Kibonen Nfi is the “visionary” and Anrette Ngafor, the “visual one.” Together, the image consultant and fashion graduate head KiRette Couture, a fast-growing, new movement that’s changing the face of fashion like never before.

Fuelled by their creativity and love for their culture, the Cameroonian duo weaves traditional and contemporary styles to make affordable yet red carpet worthy clothes for the average man and woman.

KiRette Couture’s signature style is inspired by the "toghu" - a colourful and intricately embroidered robe typically worn, on special occasions, by the people of Cameroon’s Western Highlands region. True to its chic and funky ethos, this one-of-a kind label strives to stride boldly across creative, racial and cultural borders by exploring, experimenting with and fusing various fabrics.

Its creators speak of themselves as “cultural ambassadors” with a mission to realise the possibility of maintaining one’s identity while embracing differences introduced by an ever-converging world.

They ooze the drive and energy necessary to nurture this “baby” to maturity in the cut throat business of fashion. And their secret? “It’s all in the uniqueness of our product and staying close to our clients. KiRette Couture is the label that listens,” remarks Kibonen Nfi.

For a matchless look that screams “I Wear African” on that special night, please contact Kibonen Nfi on: +001 347 5432 464. Email: kibonen.nfi@kirettecouture.com or Ngum Ngafor on: +44 7944 043 954. Email: ngum.ngafor@kirettecouture.com.

Other Cameroonian designers taking part are:-

Imane Ayissi: His Couture & Prêt-à-porter lines meld African traditions and realities with Western fashion. His collections often featuring exotic, evocative names (Ongwass or Badjaga) combine craftsmanship and traditional African cuts to create a fashion targeted at an international public (From African Vibes). For more info, check out http://www.imaneayissi.com/

Côté Minou: Their Collections involve clothing with an African modern flair that people can wear without thinking too much about it. From day to evening, party to casual, cocktail to ballroom, their style is rich in pattern and versatility (From African Vibes). For more info, check out http://www.mycoteminou.com/

To vote for your chosen designer, please visit: http://www.africanvibes.com/.

Click on the “I Wear African” tab.

Choose the designer you want from the “participating designers” section in the middle of the page.

Comment on their photos and rate them.

And please, please, please invite your friends too!

Here’s another great reason to get behind this fabulous campaign: 20 percent of profits from the event will go to African Vibes’ “Village Effort -” a scheme aimed at promoting sustainable, African-led development in the continent.

Find out more about the campaign and African Vibes’ “Village Effort” on: http://www.africanvibes.com/ and support this amazing initiative by joining the “I wear African” and African Vibes Facebook groups.

We look forward to seeing you looking African and proud at I WEAR AFRICAN!

Stay sweet y'all



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