Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Chantal Biya last night became new BFF 's with Paris Hilton and no, this time she did not have to participate in a reality show nor win it either!

The first lady of Cameroon along with 16 other wives of African heads of states met in LA for the African First Ladies' Health Summit for the first time to discuss health, education, women’s issues and Aids in Africa.
They teamed up with U.S. health experts, non-profit groups and a clutch of celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell, Diane Lane, Maria Shriver the wife of the Californian Governor and Sarah Brown, the UK's Prime Minister's wife, to promote their work.

Chantal Biya also known as "Chantou" amongst the Cameroonian public made more of an impression for the wrong reasons in my opinion with her "80's gravity defying bouffant", her long red nails, colourful attires and her theatrical make-up she even managed to upstage Paris that's something!
She so needs a make-over and she also so needs to sack the stylist.
If you are reading this post and you happen to know Chantou, please tell her that I am available as a stylist...I will even do it for FREE!
Call it doing my bit for the advancement of the country ;-))
We need to see more elegance and glamour and less hair and colour on her.
Now over to you dear readers, what do you think?
Stay sweet


Anonymous said...

isn't it ironic that she went for a health conference? how many poor horses have died for chantou to get all that hair. i beg i dey ring RSPCA lol


Etah said...

Are you talking about Mrs. Chantal Biya attending a health being wrong or about her appearance? What are you looking for? You say you are available as stylist? That’s an insult to yourself, do you really think even in your dream she can hire you as stylist? With all the works of Mrs. Chantal Biya in the health sector do you think she has no place in a health summit? I think you are mentally deranged. Mrs. Chantal Biya is a beautiful and wonderful lady and you will never have a wife like her. You should get help for your mental state.

Dulce said...

Ha haa Etah, your comment above is too funny!
Who is questioning Chantal Biya's beauty or her qualification to attend a health summit??
Man, open your eyes and take a good look at the pictures from her hair to what she is wearing and you'll know that her fashion style needs help! Oh by the way, are you the stylist??!! In that case, you should be SACKED!!!
Please jare, you are the only one here who is deranged.