Monday, January 12, 2009


KiRette Couture is a revolution. And at its helm are creators Anrette Ngafor and Kibonen Nfi.

Influenced by their passion for fashion and their love of their roots, the duo weave traditional and contemporary styles to bring African sexy back to the street and the catwalk. Hatched in the New York chic bubble, KiRette aims to create a new fashion language that transcends racial and cultural borders.

(Anrette & Kibonen)

They specialise in tailored, handcrafted and limited edition pieces. All their products are reasonably priced. Do you love fashion, the arts or just the sweet sensation of creative freedom? Then hop onboard and spread the word. Help turn vogue up-side-down together with KiRette!

UK Branch: Anrette Ngafor (CEO)
Tel: +44 (0)7912 602 095
US Branch: Kibonen Nfi (CEO)
Media enquiries:
Ngum Ngafor
Tel: +44 7944 043 954
Kathleen Ndongmo
For more information, please visit: http// (under construction).

I am so loving their designs, very Funky, very Fresh and more than Fabulous in my opinion. It has an edge and I am so looking forward to being in one of their lines. Watch out for my interview with the lady KiRettettes soon on Dulce Camer!

Stay sweet y'all


Anonymous said...

Job well done Kirette Couture....Anrette u remember them days when u didn't wanna get off the bed n go Uni, well now its paying back, cos u did n u made it!!!! am proud of u girls.....

Menoosha said...

You know my order is coming now! ;-) The red outfit is the ISSHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn! bisous to you girls! More chicken grease to your elbows! ;-)

Anonymous said...

DC says it well. the 3Fs: fresh, funky and fabulous. who can go wrong with that combo? i beg oh, my order dey come.


nahsang said...

This is exciting! Kirette is simply awsome. the logo is a winner and the designs are winners all the way. African couture really desrves to be in the spotlight and I am sure you girls have got what it takes to take it to the next level. I am so so proud of you both, keep it up, good luck and if I can be of help in any which way let me know.

Anonymous said...

this is an exquisite blend of yesterday into today,s fashion. you must have the gift of innovative craft and design to get here. well done. It certainly brings out the beauty of a real african woman.i already look a million dollar in that straight ones. well done.


Anonymous said...

Aaliyah Frida

This is a unique piece of fabric and the fashion is different and elegant. I could not be any more proud of you both.Job well done and keep the styles and the differnce coming. what i love and admire about your pieces are, they are different and UNIQUE.

look forward to the grand opening in april

Anonymous said...

Great inspiration and determination, genuine show of beauty and an entreprisiing spirit needs plenty of support from other paysans.

Anonymous said...

Cyril, I give it to you for your determination. Keep it bro.