Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hellooooooo to all my virtual peeps on the blogosphere! Hope all is good, healthwise, financial wise, jobwise, family wise, friends wise etc etc.
I am feeling very chirpy today after a rather dull start. I am hoping however to continue my day on this mood, I am going to ride with it!
Okay, just to let you guys know that feature number 4 is in production. I hope you find this talent very interesting!
I will always keep on stating the excitement I am getting from the response of this blog. Many people have warmed to it and I am so happy that they are feeling the concept. When I check the traffic flow to the blog and I see that my visitors are worldwide, it gives me intense pleasure and it makes this all worthwhile.
Let us keep repping Cameroon, y'all.
I would like to do a feature on Cameroon but not so much writing about it but would love to show it off in pictures! So, please please please, if you have been to Cameroon recently and you have the pics, I would be grateful if you could send me some? I would love to collate what I get and post them on the blog! Let us amaze and shock the rest of the world who think Africa is a "dump" by showing them how beautiful and green it can also be. Please email me on brownschuga@yahoo.com
Thanks in advance.
Stay sweet


Prince Hamilton said...

Dulce, I would have loved to comment but i usually comment on blogs with real identities and people. You can email me let me know who you are.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dulce,

this may be helpful to you ...