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June 14, 1947: Philémon Yunji Yang was born in Jiketum-Oku, located in the Bui division of North West Province. Studies Law at the University of Yaoundé and goes on to become a prosecutor at the Court of Appeal in Buea.

January 1975: He was appointed as Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration.

November 1979: Made Minister of Mines & Energy.

February 1984: Excluded from government after another reshuffle.

October 1984: Was made an Ambassador to Canada (later changed to High Commissioner when Cameroon joined the Commonwealth of Nations in 1995). Serves in this position for more than 20 years and also served as a Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Canada for about 10 years.

December 2004: Appointed as Assistant Secretary General of the Presidency of Cameroon.

June 2009: Made Prime Minister of Cameroon.

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What in your opinion does it mean to be a PM in Cameroon? Please, leave your responses in the comments section below. You do not have to have an account with blogger. You can leave your comments anonymously as well! Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

I dont think when there is a cabinet reschuffle, reasons are given y some have to leave and new blood has to come in (rather old blood as in the same faces). Its unfortunate that people leaving is always seen as sanctioning the person. I think others should leave gracefully while new faces shld be given the chance come try to change this country!

Anonymous said...

personally i feel nothing will change but i have heard that the new guy did a good job when he was in canada so lets wait and see what he does for us cameroonians, or is it a case of Biya bringing him close so that they can corrupt him as well?

Anonymous said...

well well! another day in cameroon politics .....this man seems to have some vision..lets hope he does not catch cpdm myopia

Anonymous said...

yang seems like a man with vision indeed anon. question is: will popol give him room for manoeuvre? back to ur question DC: i think we're still to learn what it means to be PM in cameroon.


Anonymous said...

Its Just a Post That Has to be occupied. Deri Of Indo

Anonymous said...

Cameroon PM is just an 'Anglophone' Office, and like the entir English folks, its just voiceless.

Anonymous said...

It is bull shit to become a Pm in this country. In my opinion this position is just for political compensation.

Anonymous said...

Well,I trust this man to bring a tis country.Let's be positive.

Anonymous said...

In Cameroon,the PM is supposed to be the head of government. But as is the case today, the PM is only an acting head and has no executive powers,can't preside over any important meeting and take major decisions concerning the state. The best function a Cameroonian PM can perform today is representing the head of state (which for 28 years today has been Paul Biya) in meetings he (the president) deems unimportant to attend. The PM is just a toothless bull dog.

Anonymous said...

The new PM is an honest man but he lacks the political courage to take on the Biya's code of conduct....So very little will change under his tenure: more like same old stuff that has been going on in Cameroon for 28 years...

An anonymous reader in Canada