Thursday, July 9, 2009


We are the World today and our children are the World tomorrow, how can we make it a better place for our children to reign in?

Micheal Jackson’s passing touched the DC crew a whole lot and in some ways has inspired a soul searching moment where we each have had to look at ourselves and think: what am I doing to contribute to this World?

What am I doing today to contribute to tomorrow?

Our dear readers and fellow visitors, this post today aims to make you think deeper than maybe you usually do, it aims to give you an awareness that all is not right with our World today, it also wants to draw you out of your comfort zone and into a spot that is unfamiliar, hostile and impoverished.

There are so many steps that YOU can make to help another, to put a smile on someone’s face, to give someone HOPE and to make someone worthy and equipped to face the tomorrow they do not know. However small, as they say, every little counts!

What can YOU do?


You can start with your neighbour. As the Bible says, LOVE thy neighbour as thyself.

Why don’t you knock on your neighbour’s door and check on them to see if they are ok.

Why don’t you see if they need anything, their shopping done? Clothes washed or ironed? Meals cooked? Or maybe a chat?

Why don’t you invite them for brunch? Lunch? Dinner? Sunday roast? Church?

Why don’t you surprise them, bake a cake? Give them flowers?

This is vital especially in this Western society where everyone lives behind closed doors and you can spend months even years without seeing your neighbour.

Sponsor a child:
There are many schemes / organisations that provide this facility. Why don’t you choose one, investigate them by asking questions and then see how you can contribute to making a child of today the leader of tomorrow. (Cameroon based) (Cameroon based) (Cameroon based)

You can sponsor a cousin, a niece, a nephew, a friend’s child or even a neighbour’s child in Cameroon. YOU decide at least it is close to home.


You can choose to visit:
Old people’s homes (Care Homes)
Sick homes
Youth Institutions etc

Why don’t you share your skills, talent, ideas, motivation with the younger generation?
Befriend a Young offender and help them rehabilitate.
Go into schools and find out their mentoring programmes and see if you can contribute.
Do you sing? Why not give singing lessons / classes to some youths?
Do you dance? Why not dancing lessons?
Do you play an instrument? Why not teach that?
Do you love theatre and directing? Why not gather some kids around in your neighbourhood and put together a play?
Mentoring is all about leading, directing, motivating, encouraging, building and acquiring self appreciation.

There are so many things YOU can do to make a change, anything is something. And in the quote by Hellen Keller shared with Dulce Camer by Amabel Niba, editor of African Vibes Magazine, "I am only one but still I am one, I cannot do everything but still I can do something and because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do".

Get up and do something
We are the World, We are the children.
Thank you
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