Friday, July 10, 2009


Hey peeps, hope yesterday's post has got you soul searching and eager to contribute to the World. Please do what you can, stretch yourself than you would normally do and lend a hand.
Reach out to somebody....PLEASE!

Right today's post is just to update on 2 things.

Back in August last year an attaché at the Cameroonian High Commission, Mr Kitts Mbeboh (3rd from left on picture) was attacked, stabbed and killed at his Greenford (London) home by his own son Beza Mbeboh.

The case was held at the Old Bailey and Beza has been sentenced to an indefinite hospital order. He admitted manslaughter due to diminished responsibility after he was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia.

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Why is Mental Health a taboo in our society? Why do we seek to hide it or take no notice of it?
What can we do to make the plight of Mental Health sufferers a topical matter?

Please leave your advices / comments below. Much appreciated.

On a lighter note, we have a winner on the DC Sona the Voice competition. The lucky winner gets a signed copy of the new album "African Juju".

More competitions to come on DC! Watch out and stay tuned!
Also watch out for our makossa campaign, join in and and bring makossa back to the streets and onto our hearts!
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IRepCamer said...

Hi DC...nice one!You are soo right...We do not take mental health seriously in our society!Well if it doesn't hit you then you will not understand!There are not many people to go to for help...i.e. in pays..Psychiatrists & Psychologists!!
Mental Health definitely needs attention!

Anonymous said...

DC this is the best question so far! you're so right. mental health is a needless taboo in our society. who knows how this story could have turned out if this guy's problem had been noticed? this should be a lesson to us all.