Monday, November 17, 2008


A night of live arts it proposed to be and a night of live arts it was.

Qordz event entitled AfroCentriQ-city took place at Bar Zen at the Kingston University Student Bar last Friday. It was a warm fusion of live drawing by Mercy Kagia, body painting by Alex Quest, spoken word poetry by Saran Green of Partnas in Rhyme, Ursula and Mat Lloyd, live music by Debra Debs, Kilian and Dax and fashion show a la African print by Pelaji of JackPel Couture and Sarah Rose of Red Rose Ltd.

Despite starting an hour and a half behind schedule, it was worth every second of the wait as each talent definitely brought something to the table

Miguel, the Guitarist
Alex Quest
The Crowd

Carlos, the Film maker

The live drawing artist was a pure talent. To do what she did, you need an excellent “artistic” eye and very steady hands. Also to draw in such an environment that was very busy and unpredictable, you definitely needed to be quick, to have a very detailed mind and be very concise. You only got one chance to get the picture right and she did get it right on every occasion

Debra Debs and Dax

Saran - Partnas in Rhyme
Saran Green, the spoken word poet had an impressionable effect on the crowd with her poem entitled “Call Me”. She intricately played with every word and connotation, tantalised, excited, teased and pleased the whole crowd so much so that even after she finished, there were still shouts of “Call Me” reverberating in the crowd. I spoke to her after her slot and she said she writes best when she is depressed. In fact “Call Me” was written from a crush she had on a guy who wouldn’t call her as often and as much as she would have liked

Bime Lafon - peformer of "Empty Lass Man"
Saran Green talks about identity, love as well as men and women relationships in her poems. Catch her if you can down at Rum Punch, every first Thursday of the month in Holborn (London). Contact details 07903 320 314

The Crowd

Pelaji and Sarah Rose showed a contrasting side in their design schemes. While Pelaji’s designs were more ball-esque, Sarah Rose’s designs were more everyday and party wear. You could definitely accessorise her designs more to have either a dressed down look for the day or a dressed up look for a small party occasion.

They both know how to source out their prints and how to use the prints to suit their designs. Pelaji is inspired by the figure of the woman and from this idea she chooses which model wears what design while Sarah Rose draws her inspiration from anything and everything, even a leaf, as she put it. She chooses which model wears what design depending on the complexion of their skin tone. She prefers to complement rather than repel. Contact details: Sarah Rose 07902 843 392 or visit
Pelaji 07527 352 525

Mercy Kagia - Live Drawing

Debra Debs, Kilian and Dax came on stage and as usual did their thang. Musically, they both have it and there is no shadow of a doubt, especially when they open their mouths that the lyrics and vocal sounds come tumbling out.

Kilian was looking dapper in his denim tucked in his boots and his leather jacket– maan, boy where do you get your fashion style from? Rock and roll that! By the way if you are reading this Kilian, just to let you know that someone by me on that night had a crush on you ;-)! My lips are sealed ;-).

Alex Quest / Chanel Ama - Body Painting

The curator himself, Mr Quest conducted the body painting together with Chanel Ama. The theme of the night was “Human Warning” targeting global warming and animal extinction. The models did a great job in simulating this concept. They looked fierce and not to be messed with – real jungle warriors!

Alex was right in getting the crowd to interact with the models but the ladies in the crowd were not as brave as the men who got up to walk round and try to “play” with the models.

This event was professionally documented on film by Carlos Costa (upcoming film director) and Cameroon’s very own star film maker Zigoto Tchaya. As if the goodies were not enough, the icing on the cake for the Cameroonian crowd was a surprise in the form of “pidgin blues” entitled “Empty Lass Man” a new blues genre performed acoustically by Bime Lafon, Miguel on guitar and the curator himself Quest.
Pelaji / Sarah Rose - Fashion Show

Mr Quest concluded the night with his spoken poetry on the drum entitled “Anke-dje Anke-be” and “Awake with me”. The poem is a balance between the Western and the African love. The unforgettable line in this poem reads “Ndolo, na monguele wa (which translates from the Douala language as Love, of you I think)”

In my opinion, this event had it all. It was fun, the acts where exciting and definitely very talented, the crowd seemed pleased and satisfied, the price of the drinks at the bar could have played a part too!
Watch out for the next Qordz which will be coming up sometime next year. For more info, contact Alex Quest on



Anonymous said...

cynthia, v well written review. u make me wish i was there. love the pics and presentation. keep it up missy.


Dulce said...

Thanx fellow sista, I am learning from you too ;-)!
Mucho amor

Betty said...

wow,wow, wow these guys are soooooo talented, i'm in awe...

Anonymous said...

Hey Cynthia this good,I missed the first bits but your pictures and review definetly filled the gaps of my imagination. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Hello Cynthia,

I really love your blog! I think you are very talented and this will only lead to many more bigger things. Such clear and concise reviews make reading really enjoyable and the picture quality is outstanding. Keep us reading!

Betty Abeng

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Uhhhhh, thanks a bunch guys for the great comments! Ngum and I are trying to make sure that we keep you guys informed and entertained. I can clearly see from the comments that we are achieving this aim.
Thanks a lot.
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