Sunday, August 21, 2016


Ovamba’s newest investors have voiced a growing interest in supporting businesses in the semi-finished agricultural industry of cocoa.

During the months of August to December 2016, Ovamba will be focused on those companies who want to take advantage of this new funding source to improve their business.

Ovamba offers “Growth-As-A-Service® to businesses in Cameroon: dedicated support and funding to businesses which experience high demand but cannot easily supply that demand due to lack of capital and timing of that much needed capital.  

We have supported more than 140 businesses across different sectors, but this is our first time venturing into the cocoa sector”, said Viola Llewellyn, General Manager of Ovamba Cameroon.  In the last two years, Ovamba has noted an increase in the amount of interest from businesses operating in the world of semi-finished products and commodities.  Mrs. Llewellyn also added, “We believe that this is the right time for us to engage in this activity. We are happy to contribute to the growth of not only the agricultural sector in Cameroon, but in the economy at large”.

To find out how you can grow your business and service your clients’ demand, please visit their official website, or download their app, “Ovamba Plus” from the Google App store.  

This year, you can plan your funding and capital requirements 24 hours a day from your smart phone or online!  No need to delay transacting business whilst waiting for an answer! You will receive an initial decision within just 60 seconds of registration. From there, if you are pre-approved you just need to provide additional information about you, your business and financial profile. An Ovamba team member will then follow up in person to complete the process.

They offer access to funding within 7 days of your successfully approved application.
The time is now.  Cocoa season is approaching.  Make this your best season yet! Get online and contact them now!

About Ovamba
Ovamba is a Financial Technology company that funds the purchase of assets / inventory and facilitates trade and commerce for micro, small and medium sized SMEs businesses in Africa.  It was created in 2013 by Marvin Cole and Viola Llewellyn and started funding SMEs business transactions in Douala, Cameroon in June 2014.  To date, Ovamba has helped fund the growth of approximately 140 businesses with its innovative suite of funding products and services.

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