Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Following the images posted on the Facebook page this afternoon by the controversial socialite Nathalie Koah, it seems either the young woman has some digestive issues or she is slowly cooking a bun in her oven! 

Nathalie who has not stepped back and who has fought through the negative public perception of her following the expose of her relationship with footballer Samuel Eto’o and who yesterday found herself featured on the cover of Ivorian magazine “Life” and termed “La Scandaleuse” –  ‘the Scandalous woman’ is it seems going to be going through another very important phase of life for a woman. Forget 'Revenge Porn', she got her avenge on!! 

If these images are indeed true that she is expecting, we wish her well and also hope she takes it easy from henceforth. This may just be what she needs to give her another dimension to her life. 

So DC readers, what do you think? Is she pregnant or is she pregnant? LOL!!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to her if she's pregnant.