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The year 2015 has been a big and eventful year for so many people including those on our list. As young Cameroonians striving in their own domains to make things happen and to keep Cameroon as advanced in the eyes of the world as its peers, they too have not been short of many obstacles on their way but it is their determination, God given strength and their discipline that is enabling them to work towards their dreams and objectives.

Here are the stories of 40 Cameroonians as they look back on their 2015 in 3 words and share with us what they hope for in 2016. Happy reading!


Syndy Emade
2015: Strategise, implement, take-off
In 2016, I hope for an epic year in which I can achieve my goals and still stay hardworking, humble and focused.

My 2015 in 3 words was: Revealing, productive, phenomenal
For 2016, I hope that my hard work meets the perfect opportunity.

Agbor Gilbert Ebot
2015: Progress, hardwork, goodhealth
2016 will be a year of great opportunities.

Lucie Memba
l would describe my year 2015 by:  Love, passion, revelations.
My hope for 2016 is that God may continue to bless my family, friends & all my projects.


Mina Ndedi Eyango
2015 was: Daring, perplexing, blessed
I hope 2016 continues to bless me, my friends and family abundantly.

Kamala Ndedi Eyango
2015 was: Happiness, laughter, love.
In 2016, I hope that I can fulfill God's plan for me and continue to live, love and laugh.


Pam Happi - (The Miss P Show)
2015: Plan, leverage, foundation
In 2016, I am looking forward to rekindling my social and personal life while I develop my professional plans giving them a solid Base. Being able to exploit other professional time to let the plans grow and nurture. Adding tact and 'concrete' to foundation, kick-off the building process. The ground work has been laid now it's time to start soaring to greater heights. My theme for 2016 is GROWTH!

Ngoh Dalida
2015 - Daring, challenging, intriguing.
2016 – I hope to get closer to my dreams.

Joan Ngomba - (Pulse TV & Dcoded)
2016 was: Challenging, adventurous, inspiring.
2016 should be more exciting and more creative from my part. My TV show should also be launched as it is long overdue.

Krystn Enem - (Krystn Enem Show)
My 2015 - Challenging, emotional, insightful.
In 2016 I hope to Live, Love, Laugh!

Ernest Kanjo – (TiptopStars)
2015: Engaged, productive, entertaining!
TIPTOPSTARS seeks to explore greener grounds in 2016, elevating Cameroon’s art and culture sector to a much more visible and global platform.

Valery Atia – (KamerKongosa blog)
2015: Challenging, life changing, successful.
In 2016: I hope for good health and success. Also praying for the growth of Cameroon Entertainment.

Tina & Atem - (Glow by monat blog)
Atem: 2015: Grateful, blessed, awesome
For 2016, I hope to be more focused, determined and to work harder.

Tina: 2015: Amazing, blessed, challenging.
For 2016, I hope to work hard, to be more determined and confident.

Brice Albin – (Generation 2.0 radio host)
Alors mon année 2015 en 3 mots: Évolution - amour - projets
2016; Réaliser les projets que j'ai commencé à mettre en place en 2015, être utile aux autres, continuer d'évoluer en tant qu'animateur et surtout en tant qu'être humain, utiliser pleinement mon potentiel, être présent pour mes proches.

Bonas Fotio - (RTM radio host)
Mon année 2015 en 3 mots c'est: Union-partage-efforts
En 2016, je souhaite voir les artistes urbains camerounais émerger mieux encore. Je veux davantage mettre mon travail au profit de la promotion du label camerounais et de tous ceux/celles qui le font briller.


Chouchou Mpacko
2015: Emotional, excelling, stable
I wish 2016 to be a year of joy and greater achievements with positivity as a rule.

2015: Laid-back, educative, inspirational.
In 2016, I hope to share ideas, understand and interact more with people. I'd also like 2016 to be like 2013 musically.


Stanley Enow
2015: Challenges, success, growth.
For 2016, I hope to create more impact and continue to inspire others.

Mr. Leo
My 2015 in 3 words: Strategic, challenging, progressive.
Despite the hard work & the good products, I still had a lot of shortcomings as per how things were supposed to be done & so took some wrong turns that I took some time to understand. Hoping to correct all these in 2016. Having a good plan for the year as per releases (what song to release & when, promoting the right way). Preparing a full package for the public and diversifying my act to extend my fan base as much as possible to the rest of Africa & the world at large meanwhile remaining myself.

2015, for me in 3 words: Challenging, formative, kick-starter
In 2015, we had a lot of short comings caused by many external factors that held me from attacking full scale as planned, so 2016 is the year to eliminate these negative factors and give full scale.
I am hoping by the end of year 2016 that Salatiel should be one of Africa's most talked about and visible producer and artist.
For Alpha Better Records, it is the year to confirm what we started. It will be a year with many releases, and new acts will be introduced, with a focus especially on branding and promo. I would say we hope 2016 is the year we can show the world at large what we are really and fully made of.

2015: God is faithful
2016: I wish to fully discover and understand who I am, and then embrace it, hoping it inspires other young women.

2015 was "laying the foundation"
2016, I hope Cameroon and the rest of the world gets to recognise me as the cameroon RnB / Dancehall queen that I am, because I have a lot in my warehouse for sale in 2016!

2015: Persévérance, succès, succès!
Pour 2016, je souhaite que la musique urbaine camerounaise soit sur le toit de l'Afrique.


Anrette Ngafor - (Liiber London)
2015: Challenging, evolving, amazing
2016 will come with even bigger projects and bigger challenges and I pray for strength to continue in what I do to educate our young people to make a better nation.

Reneta Ndisang - (Mareta Wt)
2015: Successful, stressful, blessed.
What I hope for in 2016 is more success, I hope to get my name out there, inspire, work hard and be prayerful.

Kouido Augustine – (Nakuin)
Si je dois décrire mon année 2015 en trois mots je dirais: une année de découverte, de défi, et de maturité.
Je souhaites pour l'année 2016, la concrétisation des projets entamés, de croître dans mes différentes activités et surtout impacté dans mon domaine d’activité.

Nakuin is sold at WardRobe boutique.

Vumomsi – (VuVu)
2015: Challenging, inspiring, fulfilling.
2016, I am hoping for a concise representation of the brand, searching for new markets and building new avenues for VuVu.

VuVu is sold at WardRobe boutique.

Lydie Epangué – (Art Becomes You blogger)
2015: Self-evolvement, miraculous, thankful.
In 2016, I am praying for growth, positivity, health and happiness.

Jooryn Nina - (The Hairlover blogger)
2015 se résume à: Imprévus, rebondissements, introspection.
Pour 2016, je souhaiterais mettre enfin sur pied le projet sur lequel je travaille depuis quelques temps...ce serait ma fierté pour l'année à venir.

Kumase Mercy – (Llhux Lounge blogger)
2015: Revealing, exciting, blessed.
What I hope for in 2016: To put it mildly, I honestly can't wait for 2016! I know everyone says that but my 2015 is ending with a bang so I hope to carry that into the new year. I hope for more laughter, more love and a very purposeful year.

Audrey – (makeup237 mua)
2015: Family, peace, makeup237
2016: May the river of my blessings flow into 2016 with Love and Enlightment.

Marie Graobe – (Model)
2015: Dieu m'a élevé
Pour 2016 je voudrais demeuré dans la crainte de Dieu et pouvoir participé activement dans une oeuvre humanitaire.


William Nsai
2015: Successful, newbreath, hardworking
So for 2016 by God's grace, I would like for Africa to discover my underwater signature work because I am taking it to a whole new level!

Kelly Blaise
2015: Fantastic, challenging, experimental
As of 2016, I wish to increase my fan base targeting other parts of Africa. I look forward to shooting my first movie project and many other movie projects with acting attached to some and I hope to dish out more captivating photos to our already rich fan base.


Soraya Sone (Luxe Event founder)
3 words to describe my 2015: challenging, exciting, fulfilling!
My goal has always been to create events that make people feel something and I hope next year, God willing I will continue to create life changing events!

Ange Mbayen, Audrey Mouangue & Isma Henani – (Bold makeup owners)
2015: Bold, challengeante, excitante
Pour 2016, nous espérons devenir une référence en terme de maquillage sur le territoire camerounais et s'étendre progressivement vers d'autres pays africain.

Bee Makina - (Circa237 founder & Uzuri makeup mua)
Description of 2015 for me: ALL OR NOTHING
Hopes for 2016: Honestly, I have never been so excited to start a new year. I hope for a reinforcement of all the foundations I have laid for my personal life as well as my life as an entrepreneur. Being that I just turned 33 at the end of December, I believe I have officially entered my mid-30s, so I hope to get wiser and stop deferring any dreams and visions that I have for my life. It's time to get it!

Eurykah Fon Ndumu - (Asheris Event Planning founder)
My 2015 was Exceptional, integrity, creative.
In 2016, I do not want to change a lot about by event planning/design business but improve on areas that need growth. I prefer originality and my goal is to make sure I can stay true to my style and craft. I had a couple of challenges but they are life lessons that catapult you into making better decisions in the future. I plan on writing and publishing a book (by God’s grace) with tips on how to manage a business and raise a family. I will also have new and exciting additions to my blog #nomamipikinleftbehind. 2016 will be a year to stay creative. I am looking forward to every new step!

Mambe Churchill - (Njorku)
2015: deeper business understanding.
2016: I would like to focus on scaling my business operations.

Cynthia Tabe - (ModeMaison PR / WardRobe / Vault Mag)
My 2015 was happy, thoughtful, detached.
In 2016, I hope by God's grace to continue to do what I do and to continue to inspire whether through passing on God's word, motivational texts or through working on my own projects.

Ebangha Njang – (Kreef Entertainment)
My 2015 in 3 words: Family is everything.
What I hope for in 2016 with God's grace is, I would like to be a better mum, daughter, big sister and a better business partner to Eva so our dreams for Kreef Entertainment can come true.

Domy Hodieb – (#DomptezLeFoulard)
2015: Voyages, dompteuses, e-reputation
2016: Bénédictions du Seigneur, concretisation des objectifs.

We hope you enjoyed discovering these fab young Camers plus our bonus celebs, Mina and Kamala Ndedi Eyango. We also hope your 2015 was a stepping stone onto greater things this 2016. Face your fears, be courageous and keep it moving!

Happy New Year 2016!!

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nomamipikinleftbehind said...

So much talent in one post. Thumbs Up Dulce Camer. Cameroon obosso

Glow MOnAT said...

Thanks for the feature Cynthia. I appreciate

PRGoretti said...

Thank you Cynthia. Happy New Year darling! And to all the wonderful talent on this page, may our hard work pay off! X

PRGoretti said...

Thank you Cynthia. Happy New Year darling! And to all the wonderful talent on this page, may our hard work pay off! X

Unknown said...

Thanks for the feature Dulce camer, lots of surprise ths year. God bless

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All these wonderful men and women re-inforce my decision to make my life in Cameroon. See y'all in February.
Whoever, Whatever you want in 2016 - Get up and Get it.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the feature. 2016 is ours to own. Happy New Year

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the feature. 2016 is ours to own. Happy New Year