Sunday, July 12, 2015


Martini® has kicked off its new brand campaign by putting the spotlight on the emerging art  scene in Cameroon by collaborating with some artists from Collectif Kamera, a group of multi-disciplinary artists that try to foster the practice of local art and photography in Cameroon. 

ART2VIVRE, an exhibition of commissioned works by artists interpreting the theme of DESIRE, in line with Martini’s new brand campaign (BEGIN DESIRE), drew an impressive 200-plus guests coming from a cross section of Douala’s young professionals at the MAM Gallery in Bonanjo, Douala. 

The options for entertainment in general, and cultural entertainment in particular, are so limited in Cameroon for us as young people,” said Christine Ngoga, a young entrepreneur present at the event. “We really need more events like this that help us to discover a completely novel side to life in Cameroon. The artists’ level of creativity was really enlightening and the evening, music and ambience was greatly enjoyed by other guests I met.”  

CIRCA237, the communications agency behind the ART2VIVRE idea, wanted to explore what Desire meant to the average Cameroonian thereby connecting the brand to the consumer in a new and innovative way. “We had an idea of what desires drive the average young Cameroonian, but we did not want to be the ones explicitly saying that, so we asked Romuald Dikoume, Landry Mbassi and Yvong Ngassam to tell us what the term desire meant to them, and possibly what it meant to other young people of their age group,” said CIRCA237 Co-Founder, Bee Makina. “What came of the project was a wonderful photography, paintings, drawings and installations, which were exhibited at the prestigious MAM Gallery for a week, and an opportunity for Martini to play an active role in the development of the local art scene.” 

ART2VIVRE is the beginning of a series renewed and concerted efforts Martini is putting into rejuvenating its brand in the Cameroonian market, inclusive of Martini sampling exercises and other events that will take place in the near future.   

Images from the event which included radio host Brice Albin and model/actress Nsang Dilong are below...


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