Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The first ever Cameroonian Music Tour (CMT) of its kind is about to kick off next month featuring Stanley Enow, Gasha, Magasco and Les Featurists. With 2 dates already revealed, Dulce Camer went behind the scenes to find out a bit more about it…

DC: Tell us a bit about what Kreef Ent is about and who are behind it.

KreefEnt:  Kreef Entertainment is an organisation dedicated to expose the musical and cultural content of the country of Cameroon. In the past years, Cameroonians have not had the opportunity to show the world how talented and culturally diverse they are. That's why Kreef Ent is ONLY focused on Cameroon.

Kreef Ent is founded by two US based Cameroonian ladies; Yvonne & Eva who realised they had the same hopes, passion and belief that Cameroon entertainment is on the rise and can trend worldwide with the right promotion and patience.

DC: What is the main objective for CMT?

KreefEnt: The music tour we are organising is to bring some exposure to Cameroonian music and bring the artists closer to their fans in the diaspora and especially here in America.  A lot of Cameroonian artists, especially the artists involved in this tour are very much adored in the Cameroonian community in the United States and have continuously spread the culture of Cameroon in a good light through their music.

DC: What has been the most stressful and most enjoyable part of putting this show together?

KreefEnt: Honestly, there hasn't been that much stress unlike what we really envisioned. However, the most stressful part has been booking the shows here in the United States. Every State wants them but don't want to pay their worth and the most interesting part is the artists have already sacrificed their personal projects to do the tour. This means a lot to us and that's why we are trying our best to conclude on getting them the number of shows agreed on which are also worthy too.

On a much lighter note, the most enjoyable part of it all is the way the Cameroonian public has welcomed the idea of an annual tour of their favourite artists here in America. When the announcement flyer was put up we didn't expect that much positive feedback but it was very overwhelming how Cameroonians were excited about it, especially back home. That definitely is refreshing and has inspired us a lot.


The 2 dates already revealed include a collaboration with the Cameroon Student Association (CAMSA USA) Convention on Friday 14th August 2015 and an African Exchange Concert on 5th September 2015. If you are US based, do not miss this chance to catch 4 of the best acts in the Cameroon urban scene right now!! More dates/venues to be added.

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