Friday, July 31, 2015


Our modern day princess, Brenda "Bree" Biya took to her Instagram account 2 weeks ago in an attempt to talk more about something which seems to bug her. The young teenager used a post to address her "haters". It certainly is not an easy task to be a growing young girl in the public eye and especially the daughter of the President of Cameroon.

Brenda acknowledges the can of worms she has opened for herself by becoming the most active person in her family on social media however she also points out that she is above all human, prone to mistakes and also just a regular teenage girl. She appreciates the love she receives whether from those who love her or from those who talk about her but she chooses to spread love and not hate.

Read the full text below...

The President's daughter just like other teenagers in the world has her own fair share of personal issues to deal with, from being image conscious to sharing relationships and expressing her love let's accept her the way she is. We are lucky to get a glimpse into her life and we at DC are most amazed by her simplicity and maturity at her age and in this age where many people squander. 

Keep it going Bree, keep being you!!

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