Monday, May 31, 2010


SkiNs is a Photography Installation art project that aims to address the issue of “different” in today's society.
Segregation, and its various degrees of separation, seeing ourselves as ‘different’ or better than the other/next – all fosters the growth of the narrow gap that once bound us together – we quickly forget we are no different from those whom we judge.

"We are all Brothers under the Skin, and I, for one would be willing to skin humanity to prove it." Like Ayn Rand, I want to skin humanity in order to bridge the gap that so often divides us; White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Old, Young, Woman, Man etc. Create a realm within which we can see past our differences.

Catch the exhibition at this venue, day and time:
East Gallery
214 Brick Lane
London, E1 6SA
Tuesday 1st June 2010
From 6 – 10 p.m.

This project is brought to you by:
Quest & Schwerin
Creative Arts Ltd.

For more info visit / email:
mail: skins@qs‐

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