Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Another year, another beauty contestant hopes to wear the crown of Miss Africa USA held Stateside.

This initiative founded on the basis of advancing the cause of women of African descent is headed by the dynamic Lady Kate Njeuma (pictured) a Cameroonian-American who came up with this great vision of uniting people in support of Africa to make a difference. The Miss Africa USA Pageant now commemorates 4 years and growing from strength to strength.

The pageant is open to delegates from all 53 countries that make up the continent of Africa, the motherland. Pageant delegates are simply ordinary women of African descent living in America and facing every day challenges of growing up in two different cultures, and it takes a strong woman to appreciate both the American and the African culture as well as being proud of their heritage.

The philosophy of the Miss Africa USA Scholarship Pageant is about appreciating the great opportunities that America has offered to women of African descent and how to use such a privileged position to advocate for the less fortunate.

There are many contestants representing Cameroon so please show your support by voting for them. To find out more info about those taking part, please go here: http://www.missafricaunitedstates.com/countries.htm

To visit their website go to: www.missafricaunitedstates.com

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