Thursday, September 10, 2009


FIND HER KEEP HER, a Godson Pictures Production is the story of three friends Charles Knight, Ray Harris and Tyler Babatunde, young men with everything going for them. Except something is missing…the perfect MRS RIGHT. So, the proverbial search for the woman of their dreams takes them on a rollercoaster of twists and turns.

Charles Knight (Kojo) is a self proclaimed player, a ladies man and a serial heartbreaker, but in walks Simone Hagan (Rachel Ritfeld), a 25-year-old American solicitor who knows what she wants in a man and changes Charles’s entire perspective. Charles and Simone’s union seems like a match made in heaven when they meet, but finding love is never straight forward.

Kojo, dubbed "The Fresh Prince of Hackney" is fast becoming one of the biggest talents to come out of the black comedy circuit. Kojo has performed all over the world including America, Holland, Ghana, Nigeria & Germany as well as featured on our TV screens on MTV Base, Virgin 1 and BBC. Over the years he has performed with some huge names such as Chris Rock, Eddie Griffith and Dave Chapelle just to name a few. Kojo brings his comedic flair and adaptability to his debut acting role.

Rachel Ritfeld a seasoned model who has added her sparkling screen presence in hit shows such as MTV's Hip-Hop Candy, hosted by Kelly Osbourne, "Project Catwalk" and numerous music videos. Voted one of the hottest women to ever wear a bikini by Fashion TV, the new face for American streetwear brand Akademics, Rachel is now adding acting to her multi faceted brand with her lead role in FIND HER KEEP HER.

“Audiences will be sitting on the edges of their seats, watching Charles and Simone’s story unfold” says director Nam Aibangbee. FIND HER KEEP HER, is a story we are all familiar with but with a sexy, urban twist. Essentially, FIND HER KEEP HER answers the burning question - will they find her? And if they do can they keep her?

FIND HER KEEP HER sponsored by Sisterhood TV, premieres on 11 september 2009 at the trendy O2 Vue Cinema, North Greenwich. With a host of UK urban celebrities gracing the Red carpet with the exclusive screening starting at 9pm. For more info,email

Tickets for this event are £30 for non guestlist and £20 for guestlist.
Go and support guys! It was co-produced by Zorzi of irockthemicent.
Check out the trailer below, it looks like a great watch!

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