Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Pope Benedict XVI touched down in Yaoundé, Cameroon, yesterday for his first trip to Africa as Pope.
Thousands are supposed to be attending the open air masses which will be led by the Pope.
He will also be visiting Angola during his seven day visit in this continent which is becoming the world's fastest growing Roman Catholic region.
Whilst in these contries, the Pope will be highlighting the issues of HIV / Aids and the squander of revenues from natural resources due to corruption.
He highlighted that handing out condoms is not the answer in the combat of HIV / Aids but rather marital fidelity and sexual abstinence as key.

In a continent where HIV / Aids is rampant, is proclaiming marital fidelity & sexual abstinence alone enough or should we be doing more like highlighting the use (the need) of condoms and the danger of multiple partners??? HIV / Aids is still being seen as a "mystery" illness, shouldn't this topic therefore stop being a "taboo" in our society and start being a "reality" since as so many people are dying from it?
In my opinion, knowledge is the key. The public in this societies need to be fed this knowledge in order to protect themselves. What are your opinions? Please leave your comments.
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One Life, One Love, One World said...

my opinion is that we gave the pope a red carpet and gave the president dirt and either way I am not a fan of both men. so i am not exactly sure which one is better...:)

but on a serious note though what the pope says is negligible compared to what we choose to do or not do. we can't fight aids by hiding behind our computer screens and punching away at the keyboard. the main issue of Aids is fear. those who have the strength to do something are afraid because we do not want to get infected. and all the crazy stories out there of how innocent people get infected don't help. those who are sure they might have it do not want to do a checkup because they are afraid of the truth so they just go ahead living in self inflicted ignorance. then finally does who just don't care carry on trying to blame Africa for aids.

the real long term remedy to aids is not some anti retro viral drug. it is people power, am not saying retro viral drugs are useless. but if we all work together we will find a more permanent and better solution.