Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The Afric Collection Fashion Show 2009 took place this february in the city of Douala, now referred to as "la capitale de la mode" (ouais....ouais!) in Cameroon. The show is made up of fashion designers from all over the African continent. This year, some designers who unveiled their collections were: Annetta, Choupa Joelle, Terranga Couture, Joli Mike, Blanchel, all from Cameroon. Pokn Asante, Kwesi Nti, from Ghana. Pathéo from Burkina Faso, Ali Dio, Nabou Diagne from Senegal and Alphadi from Niger.

Sorry about the picture quality! Courtesy of BHF Magazine.
Been hard locating the pictures as their site is down...typical!
However, once it is back up, I will put up the designers who to me were "the best of the runway"
To check out their website, please visit: http://www.afric-collection.com/
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