Sunday, July 13, 2008

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

What's good virtual peeps? Hope all is well on the virtual front! Another day, another entry, another blog!
I have some decisions to make on how to operate on my blog. I cannot seem to decide whether to feature a talent every month or every two weeks or every time I write? I think the every month option seems better, what do you think? All opinions welcome!
I am still putting one or two things together and hopefully next time I write, I will have my first feature y'all!
Keep reading and I'll keep writing!
Until next time,
Stay sweet


Rngamcc said...

This is a brilliant idea. There are lots of Dutch, Chinese, French, American etc succeeding in Cameroon. So although all those who have chosen to live outside Cameroon are justified in their choice, we can still surmount the heavy odds stacked against us and win there if we want to. And at the very time that we choose to live abroad, we should not walk away from the beautiful experience that is Cameroon.

I will support you wherever I can because I got green, red, yellow in my blood.

We need to see as many success stories as possible, probably once every two weeks?


. said...

Hmmm...I personally think that u should have a talented someone every month. So as to make it "special" because if you had one every so often, there wont be any "excitement" in reading about someone new.well hope this helps...amazing blog/idea by the way!!

Dulce said...

Thanks guys for the comments and the advice.