Thursday, July 10, 2008


Helllooooooooo to all my virtual peeps out there, yes the eagle has mos definitely landed on the virtual space! How's the going? Hope good!
Well, yes I have started a new blog on all things Camer - yes I love my Pays with a passion and it is not a crime!
I am always looking for ways to big up both my country and its people and this is a sure way of showcasing some talented fellow Paysannes and Paysans out there!!
Please contact me if you are doing anything you wanna shout about and you want people to know about!
I will be doing all things Fashion, Beauty, Music, Business, Property, Sports, News etc etc!
So, this is a happy hour for me y'all!
See you soonest and stay sweet y'all!


anrette said...
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anrette said...

lovely piece of article with miss Achu. keep up the good work and keep bloggin darlin

Dulce said...

Thanx my girl Anrette! You are on my list too!!

cetchu said...

This is a great piece of work. I believe this blog will introduce young Cameroonians to each other.
You go girl, God is on your side.

Unknown said...

That's a lovely piece of work and the perfect girl to do it on! You go Shiri and you're looking as fab as ever in that photo.

Anonymous said...

you have done me proud again with another brilliant piece of work girl , it feels so good knowing that my cameroononian brothers and sister are reppin out there.girl thanks again for keepin us updated on all creative minds. loved it.
keep up the good work ok

Olivia Mukam-Wandji aka @OliSankara said...

Hello Dulce... First I'd like to applaud you for this brilliant initiative to showcae positive initiatives and success stories of Cameroon. It's wonderful to see that there are more than "talkers" in Cameroon, we have "doers" like you and the people you publish, who dare to actually DO things for our dear country.

I'd love to share with you an endeavor I'm working on called Harambe Endeavor ( I'm constructing and spearheading the endeavor in Cameroon. Given your objective on this blog, to showcase positive initiatives, I think you might be interested in learning more about Harambe Cameroon.

I've looked through the entire website for your email address but didn't find it. Please inform me on how to contact you. You could send me your email at this address:

Look forward to hearing from you.

Once more, Congratulations for the excellent work!