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Although Fotemah Mba’s story begins in Cameroon, West Africa, the book of his life and travels is much thicker than that. The son of a distinguished educator and diplomat he spent most of his young life travelling the world and thus was exposed to the cultures of places such as Algeria, Belgium & the United States; for this reason is a fluent speaker of four different languages. Even as a youngster he had an ear for music and was energised by the diverse sounds made known to him through his travels.

Fotemah Mba, is the living proof that America truly can be the land of opportunities if you are willing to work hard. Although he has always dreamed big, he never imagined he’d be working alongside the top artists in the world and conducting business amongst the music industry’s most prominent executives. Former VP/Current consultant for Akon’s Konlive Label, the young West African native still has yet to reach the peak of his career.

Fotemah has formed a new venture; Red Republic Ent, to which he is looking for and signing new talent, including talents from Cameroon.  The entertainment business is close to his heart but what’s even closer is giving back. 

Fotemah recently founded JUMP (Join Us Making Progress) Africa; a non-governmental organisation with an objective to facilitate education in the lives of young children, and to instill in the youths a spirit of leadership. He works alongside Books for Africa (the largest donor of books to the African continent) with whom he ships books and school supplies to the continent.  

To date, he has shipped over 250,000 books to schools in four African countries; Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda, and is on track to send a million books, to support 500 learning centers all across Africa. 

Near future projects include: supporting the “Word Alive Orphanage” in Ghana, supporting the “Treasure Center” in Bamenda, Cameroon (in which JUMP Africa recently did some volunteer work), providing an updated library for “The Sound of Silence School” (School for the Deaf in Buea, Cameroon), supporting the “Bulu Blind Center” (school for the blind in Buea, Cameroon) with Brail books, laptops and recorders. 

In a world ran by social media, Fotemah Mba gives us a true perspective of an industry executive that goes beyond the glitz and the glamour.  You can join him in this journey of making progress in Africa by donating to the cause via

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