Tuesday, September 1, 2015


It is a brand new month, just four months away till the end of 2015 and what better way for us to kick off the celebrations than with some cool selfies ! Oh yes!

The selfie is still one of the biggest social phenomenons and addiction of the new millennium with millions of selfie images shared everyday across the social media platforms. Did you know in the UK alone last year over 1.2 billion selfies were shared?

Across the 237 platforms, this is certainly no different and every week we share with you some of our best...take a look at what we have!

Michael Kiessou, music artist
Fese Ndumbe, designer
Rollin Lowolong, apero street founder
Alexx Ekubo, actor & Pam Happi, The Miss P Show
Harriette Ako, Miss Blizers fashion blogger
Ebangha Nkwanyuo, fashion designer
Taphis, community manager
Muenge Nkwanyuo, Zaron cosmetics Cameroon
Andrea Bomo, journalist
Martin Enow, Motherland CEO
Stella Esai, boutique owner
Kevin Jemann, fashion designer
Lady Ponce, music artist
Anrette Ngafor, fashion designer
Wishing you all a very fulfilled September. If you would like to be part of our selfie list, send a recent picture to: brownschuga@yahoo.com

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Anonymous said...

Fese Makeup on fleek.
Miss T show going places