Sunday, September 20, 2015


She shot to fame in Cameroon, a beautiful young twenty something in the early 90s with 2 big hits "Associe" and "Nostalgie" and if you were a youngster or teenager growing up at that time, these 2 songs will definitely have made a mark in your life.

Fast forwards over 20 years later and Liza T the artist behind these 2 hits has literally been to hell and back. Suffering from goitre as well as depression and unable to pay her way because she could no longer work, Liza T found herself living at the mercy of her family and outsiders. A televised report on the weekly show "Regard Social" on STV exposed the artist's current secluded life and living conditions giving its viewers a chance to see what she has been going through all these years.

Following the show and thanks to Facebook and Twitter, the outpour of love and care towards Liza T has been immense! From visits to donations and gifts which has also included an operation for her goitre, the artist is starting to feel like herself again. With this great concern, we come to you dear DC readers to also ask you to join hands and help towards a fund which has been set up as per below link. 

But first, watch her story here...

Donate to her fund here.

Watch the Nostalgie video below...

Get well soonest our diva!!

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