Monday, August 10, 2015


The selfie is still one of the biggest social phenomenons and addiction of the new millennium with millions of selfie images shared everyday across the social media platforms. Did you know in the UK alone last year over 1.2billion selfies were shared?

Across the 237 platforms, this is certainly no different and every week we share with you some of our best...we haven't done a selfie post for a bit but take a look at what we have!

Nathalie Koah - socialite & entrepreneur of Psychee by NK
Prince Enobi - No Hitz No Recordz studio owner
Darling black - blogger
Muke Alison - fashion blogger 
Churchill Mambe - Njorku founder
Brenda Biya - Our modern day princess
Brice Albin - Nostalgie radio host
Samuel Eto'o - footballer
Sophy Aiida - TV host
Alex Song & kids - footballer
Stanley Enow - rapper
BIR - against Boko Haram

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