Saturday, December 14, 2013


Only a few days and there is so much to report about...pheeeww there is certainly no rest these days for a Camer blogger and the Camer talents are not joking!!

Oh well, we certainly love the buzz and today, here is what is new. Watch and listen...

This one is for the "Family", for he only sings for the "Family" so while we await the "BASTARD" video shot in the heart of Mabanda, Douala, here is a new audio track entitled "Family" by Jovi LeMonstre aka Don 4 Kwat released yesterday. Enjoy!!

This one, we just heard it now and the beat totally caught our attention. We are increasingly building up an encouraging amount of hot beats right outta 237 itself. This is great for our music industry so thumbs up to all of the music makers. This one is called "Made In Cameroon" by Melcube. Enjoy!

We do not know much about this artist but apparently she is Yaounde based and her name is Krucial Kate. This one is entitled "Gone". Enjoy!

He is a new talent we just discovered last week at an event here in London. He is a talent who is certainly very proud of his Camer heritage. We love to see this pride especially in talents so young. This one is entitled "Eba" and the talent is Bizu Nino. Enjoy!

Gasha is a name you cannot ignore. She certainly has the talent and the music and videos so far have been consistent. What does the future hold for this amazing talent? Only time and her strategy will tell. "This Is Life" by Gasha...enjoy!

The Mboa Urban Music Tape Vol 1 enabled the public to discover new talents which included Zayox and his "Bangando Star" track featuring the very talented Edel Koulla. The video shot by Ndukong aka February 16th Pictures was released early December. Here it is...enjoy!

Okay so that is enough for your listening and dancing pleasure for today!!
The diversity in Camer music is great right?

Stay sweet

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