Sunday, October 13, 2013


Mister Daddy Black as he often refers to himself is certainly no small boy for he has been around the Camer music scene for some years now. We first heard his unforgettable strong vocals back in 2010 at the Scratch Recordz Studios in Bastos, Yaounde where he serenaded our ears and won us over with the few tracks he was recording.

Fast forward a few years later and Daddy Black is ready to unleash his baby in the form of his songs to the wider public.

A few weeks ago "Mami Nyanga"; a Makossa RnB fusion track about the admiration of how an urban girl communicates with her body on the dance floor, was officially released as his first single.

Last week, he further released "Ah No Be Small Boy". A well worked, lyrical content filled with creative engineered instruments that make this RnB song subtly tinged with reggae and afro beats a definite contender for one of the best tracks of 2013.

The message passed in "Ah No Be Small Boy" is nothing far from real for it paints the picture of love and materialism very vividly that you do not need to listen between the lines to understand that some women are only there when the going is good!

With such great tracks and very creative retro posters in association with February 16th Pictures, Mister Daddy Black has one thing on his mind - to set himself apart from the rest and to let his music do the talking for him. Without further ado, listen to the tracks below. We hope you enjoy them like we did!

We can't wait for his videos!

Stay sweet

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Dr Sley said...

Mr Daddy black keep doing it money will come and we shall take it to the next level. i feel the force and energy running around u. keep up bro