Sunday, October 6, 2013


A very creative video...check! Undisputed amount of talent...check! Unforgettable entrance...check! Well this is just Gasha, the very soulful vocal jazz/blues/folk artist who recently released her official debut song and video "Kaki Mbere" a few days ago.

When a girl sees the man that she wants, how far will she go to get his attention? This Yaounde based artist, tells you what she will do in her rustic non conventional video shot by Steven's...You know how us girls are eh ;-)

Check it below!

What is your verdict? Positive we hear?! Lol! Back in 2012, we recommended her as a talent to put on your watch list. Read the post here.

That concludes our post today. We have more new 237 music coming your way soon!
Stay sweet


Anonymous said...

With over 4000 YouTube hits in three days, she's surely getting to the top fast. Impressive!
Guys, let your friends savour this gentle ballad so it can go viral.

Kamer Stories said...

Glad you put up this post DC. For the first time in a long while, I think we have a real talented female singer from Camer. #Team237 all the way.

MonAt's BLOG said...

Wow....this is very original,thanks DC for keeping us updated..#proudly237

AT of MonAt's blog.

MonAt's BLOG said...

Wow...this is very original!..thanks DC for always keeping us updated.

AT of MonAt's blog.