Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Blick Bassy, the sexy sweet voice from Cameroon has just released the first video from his new album Léman.

The track is entitled "Maria" and apart from being our fav track on the album, the concept of the video shot in Yaoundé and directed by Pascal Colson is very original and funny. The quality of the video is very beautiful too and makes the story line that much clearer!

Dulce Camer also loves the story telling feel of the video and this is definitely in sync with the tone of the album, being the Blick Bassy life story.

Kudos to the brotha anyway for standing out and stepping out of the norm of video quality! Here below is the video, happy watching!

Here is an interview Blick gave to DC back in April:

To get more info of Blick Bassy, go here:

Stay sweet

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Anonymous said...

i love this new, unpretentious and confident bunch of african artists, who can bring out the colour in everyday life! blick bassy, nneka, k'naan and crew keep, keeping it real!