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Strike a pose and get en vogue on Dulce Camer because for the next coming weeks, we will be having fashion themed features to coincide with the upcoming fashion showcase at the Shoreditch Studios here in London hosted by Camer Couture.

Being the official blog sponsor of this event, DC will be having the scoop and gossip on all that is going on backstage so rest assured we will be handing out some treats ;-))

To kick start this fashion theme is a fabulous and multitalented make-up artist cum beauty photographer by the name of Mario Epanya.

Mario Robert Epanya is a Cameroonian born photographer based in Paris whose predisposition in figurative painting enabled him to breeze his way into the French fashion industry and gaining the mother of all assignments, recreating VOGUE AFRICA!

Dulce Camer caught up with this young man who is causing waves with this ground breaking initiative.

Here below is the interview. Happy Reading y'all!

With the late Guinean born, French based supermodel Katoucha Niane. A muse of Yves Saint Laurent.

DC: Vogue Africa, what do you aim to achieve with this initiative?
ME: Well Vogue is more than a magazine, for me it is an institution. Putting together the word Vogue and AFRICA made this interview possible today and personally Vogue can bring to light the black creativity so with an African edition of Vogue all the black African communities worlwide can have their own space to promote themselves.

DC: How did you manage to get yourself this ground breaking assignment?
ME: I just listened to and followed my heart!

DC: How did you become a makeup assistant in several shows in France?
ME: It was not easy, I kept calling hair & makeup agents like every three months to let them know that I was around and wanted to work and I called up some photographers too who can also be very helpful given their contacts.

DC: Is working within fashion a man know man? Do you have to be socially connected?
ME: Oh most definitely yes! and especially in France you have to know the right people just being talented is not enough for sure!

DC: How did you quickly rise to the top of your game considering you only started last year?
ME: Hmm, on the top? I don't think so just yet as I only started last year. Nevertheless, I have been working in the fashion industry for almost 20 years now so I already had a vision of what I wanted to do as a portfolio. Working hard for 20 hours per 7 days a week during all these years has enabled me to make this vision a reality.

DC: What does the future hold for Mario Epanya?
ME: Only God knows!

Cameroon's very own supermodel, Marion Gako

DC: Tell us a bit about yourself, where in Cameroon you grew up and how your experiences in life have helped you be who you are today.
ME: I was born and bred in Douala, in the Littoral province and I lived there until 2000 when I moved to France. I must say I am a workaholic, my experiences taught me to be this way. Work is the only thing I know!

DC: What do you think of the wealth of talents emerging from Cameroon? We have beauty photographers, fashion designers, fashion stylists, jewellery designers, portrait artists, sculptors, musicians, hip hop artists etc
ME: Cameroon is a great country full of intelligent and creative people and I think that what these emerging talents are doing is all great.
DC: In 4 words, what does Cameroon represent to you?
ME: Childhood, Family, Africa & Pain.

DC: Has your family always been supportive in all you are doing?
ME: Oh yes, without my family where would I be?!
DC: What about your fellow Cameroonians, do they support you?
ME: Yes they do especially a very good friend of mine, one of the most beautiful girls in the world, the cameroonian model Marion Gako, has been very supportive. We have known each other for a long time now and she's always been there when I needed her.

DC: We see the way Nigeria and Ghana have developed socially, creatively and economically, do you think Cameroon can get to this stage too?
ME: Yes indeed we can. Years ago culture was not the priority in cameroon, but now I see the movement being undertaken by lots of Cameroonians to change things and mentalities and to show that it's a real business and an industry where cameroon must be part of.
DC: What in your opinion do we have to do?
ME: It takes all Cameroonians united and together to make everything possible. I know it will take time to make some people understand that to become powerful we must stand together as one like we do when the national team, the indomitable lions play football.

DC: If you were not in the fashion industry business, what else would you have loved to do?
ME: Gossh, I would have loved to be a doctor to save lives as I have so much admiration for those who have the courage to face the sufferings of humanity and conduct researches to fight diseases. In my opinion, that's honorable and that is why I want to put an end to the vanity in the fashion industry and use this VOGUE AFRICA to help those in need in Africa as well as to promote its history, its entrepreneurial skills, its fashion, its communites etc

Great initiative and creativity no? I can't wait to see the finished product!
To find out more on Mario Epanya, check out his website
Join his Vogue Africa fan group on Facebook which has over 2,500 enthusiasts....join in and keep it expanding!
Keep an eye on the Camer Couture fashion showcase and join them on facebook
Their website is :
Don't forget to keep checking the DC blog because we have lots planned for you for the the next coming weeks ;-))
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Anonymous said...

nice one. v creative guy. so is he putting together vogue magazine or is it a campaign to convince vogue to have an african version?

Anonymous said...

wow! never knew of marion gako. amazing.


Dulce said...

@anonymous 11.32:
In Mario's own words, "first a buzz to have the opinion of the black community, second with the buzz get some African sponsors to approach the publisher Condé Nast to obtain a license and last do the magazine with a team! Voila!
Thanks for this question though and thanks for checking the blog ;-))

Anonymous said...

this awesome. Cameroonians are getting there. Its our time and we better make good use of it.
congratulations to Mario. I am super proud of him. Well done DC team. You guys rock totally.

Mon petite Niche said...

I love reading your blog beause every time i'm down, every time i feel like things would not work out, I come here and read about people who went through the same hardship but made it in the end. We need to keep hope alive.

Vogue said...

Like your pictures. Thanks for sharing them. The quality is good.