Friday, August 28, 2009


After 7 weeks of running this campaign on DC, this week now brings it to an end!
By running this campaign we hoped to take you down memory lane so that memories of childhood or adulthood past can be unlocked and brought back to the present.

We wanted to evoke an emotion, be it sadness or happiness and we just wanted you to reminisce of your time in Pays when you were carefree and jolly!

To most Cameroonians, the Makossa music means a lot and you only need to see them on the dancefloor to understand what I mean. From the gestures on their faces to the way they place their hands and body, you will realise that this genre of music is much more than rythmn and lyrics.

In recent years, the passion and quality that old musicians of this music genre portrayed has diminished a fair bit nevertheless we now see many Cameroonian artists creating a melange of Makossa with other music genres such as soul, bossa nova, jazz etc.

As Ngum Ngafor puts it, Makossa started off as a ground breaking genre. Its melodic rhythm and fluid nature eased its path into the fusion styles we see with people such as Richard Bona and Henri Dikongue - you can say the same for mako-zouk and the faster soukous influenced sounds. The sad thing is that quality has diminished over time, Makossa's evolution seems to be arrested because of a combination of factors - government neglect of the arts and poor focus on quality by some musicians. What makossa needs is a rejuvenation that will revive old memories and pique the interest of a younger generation.

Indeed we hope something is done to keep our sound alive!

Today we are going to entertain you with a selection of videos from the year 2000 and over. Put on your dancing shoes and get on the dance floor and show us what you got! is friday and for those in the UK, it is a long weekend of rest, rest, rest!

If you loved this campaign, keep your eyes and ears on Dulce Camer....we always have something cooking!
Stay sweet and have a fab long weekend!

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